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The Magician #WriteBravely #Day1

You’d never believe me if I told you that I am a Magician, but it’s true and I can prove it.

‘You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, Janie.’ he said, his eyes never meeting mine, as his hands mapped my body. If I were to ask him what colour my eyes were I could bet my last dollar he wouldn’t know, despite being my step-father.

I was 14, the daughter of a crack whore whose husband, my stepfather, was her pimp. I was smart enough to know that trying to fight my way out of the sorry situation I was trapped in would be a waste of time, and going with the flow was the best thing to do.


‘You have wise old eyes, Janie. It’s like they’ve seen too much.’ he said. I let out a laugh and cracked some gum as I lay splayed before him, my 50 year old School Principle, on his office table. I loved school and I loved studying. I couldn’t pay my fees though, despite which the school didn’t want to let me go They thought I was an asset and my principle thought the daughter of a whore was rightfully a whore too.

The smell of books gave me a high. The library was my favourite place, first in school and then in college. It was the one place where I lost my identity, to find myself. Where I befriended people, characters of all the books I devoured, who did not know me or judge me.

I went through school and colleges, my eyes seeing too much, my body learning to go numb and my memory learning to turn a page and keeping it closed forever. I didn’t know where my mother was nor did I want to know.  I read this quote on the train, ‘The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it from The Lion King’ and it changed something within me.

I felt validated when I passed out of Med School, with a Dr before my name and a Psychologists degree in my hand.

I told you I was a Magician didn’t I? I changed my life, to prove it. I now teach others like me to believe in magic, as if you don’t believe in magic it will never find you.

This post is written for Day 1 of the The Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018. 

I used 2 Prompts: 

You’d never believe me if I told you that I am a Magician, but it’s true and I can prove it.

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – The Lion King

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  1. True, the way of looking at the past shapes our present and decides our future. The story shows how to deal with the situation even while undergoing the dark phase of life. Liked it.

  2. Loved this magician and how she turned around her life.
    And love the magician in you, Mayuri, for you know how to weave magic with your words! A fab take on the prompt!

  3. What a triumph! Getting over the past and charting the lines of future from the murkier surroundings needs magical power…strength of character and will to achieve!
    Wonderful take on the prompt, Mayuri.

  4. Wow! I just loved how you cleverly wove the two prompts together. Nice work. Can relate to the love of books and libraries, too.

  5. Awesome how you used 2 prompts at the same time! Kudos!

    Here from balconysunrise.wordpress.com

  6. What a story, Mayuri! Glad she changed her fortune around instead of pitying herself as most people do in tough situations. Also, kudos to you for weaving two prompts into one story!

  7. True, our positive attitude towards our life, even during our darkest phases of life, helps us shape our present and decide our future better. Nicely woven!

  8. This is a beautiful story. I love the spirit of the girl who could turn the wheel of fortune in her favour. This story also brought me face to face with the reality of child abuse and how often we try to overlook them.

  9. Wonderful Mayuri.. this is written so well that I feel like giving you a warm hug for penning such a wonderful story of hope despite the worst situation one is in life

  10. The beauty of words and articulation of an artist, you have truly created magic Mayuri.

  11. You have woven a wonderful story with two prompts. I am impressed as usual with the way you articulate.

  12. You are a magician Mayuri for having weaved magic through words. Loved the story.

  13. Mayuri, this is a brilliant read, one of the best I have read today. If Janie was a magician for changing her life, you are a magician for weaving her tale of magic.

  14. Well-told story….would love to read what happened to this magician…Keep writing! #WriteBravely

  15. oh Mayuri! WOW! broke my heart and scotch-taped it all over again by the end of it!

  16. How terrible to be the victim of abuse. But was your heroine truly a magician or did she transform her life with sheer hard work and determination?

    1. Her magic was hard work and determination:)

  17. This was heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. Indeed we are all magicians with the magic of making what we want to of our lives. So very beautifully written Mayuri. I love the hope and positivity in your posts.

  18. Wish more people turned magicians in the face of adversity and clawed their way out of with hard work. Such an inspirational story!

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