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Food is a necessary requirement. Whether to sustain yourself on a daily basis, fuel yourself right as you work towards a healthier you or to relish each dish with pure delight.

Food is life for some and life is food, for others. For many the word healthy and food don’t go well together. Healthy food cannot be tasty, is the popular misconception.

Blogger, Writer and the Author of this book, Deepa Gandhi, doesn’t think so, and as a Post Graduate in Foods and Nutrition, she knows what she’s talking about.


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With this handy recipe book Deepa shows us that healthy food can be interesting and flavourful. The Dietician and Mom in her has given well known recipes an interesting and healthy twist. For instance, Deepa makes Banana Bread with Whole Wheat and her Dhokla has an interesting twist. I love the fact that some of her recipes are so easy to follow, the Fruit Pops for instance, that you could make them along with your children, turning cooking into a fun learning activity.

Her instant Paneer Tikka, Pineapple Pomegranate Parfait, Oats Beetroot Dosa, Apple Coconut Squares were my favourites.

What I particularly appreciated is that the recipes are easy to follow and easy to make, the majority of them only require everyday kitchen staples. Deepa has also specified the preparation and cooking time for each recipe as well the nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

Deepa says her experiments in the kitchen are inspired by her daughters who are the reason behind her discovering healthy recipes. Well, we got lucky too, by getting this book. Download your free copy here

About the Author;

Deepa Gandhi is a popular Bangalore based Blogger. She blogs at www.kreativemommy.com  where you could read about Parenting, Health, Travel and Food. Dance and Choreography are her other passions and she has a wealth of experience in choreographing for various events.

Deepa is always up to something interesting. To keep up with what she is coming up with next follow her on, Twitter , Instagram and Facebook

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  1. Thanks a lot Mayuri for this wonderful review and all the love. Glad you liked the book and the recipes. You have always been a supportive friend. Big hug. ❤️

  2. I loved Deepa’s easy-to-follow-with-a healthy-twist recipes too. Dhokla with a twist, Kale grilled sandwich, Lemon cranberry mocktail and Oats beetroot dosa are my fav from her book!

  3. I remember the A to Z days when not only me but every one in my household used to look forward to Deepa’s post. I used to try my hands at the recipes she had posted, the very next day! All her recipes are full of goodness, health and easy to make…and yummy too!

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