That Tiny Sparkle of a Nose Pin

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A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose – Tom Wilson

What brings a smile to a woman’s face? There are many things of course but jewellery ranks quite high in the list.

Jewellery is something most women love, and is something men like gifting to the special women in their life. As an adornment or investment, jewellery is a great option to buy or gift.

Think jewellery and the popular choices are earrings, rings, bangles and necklaces. Women love to adorn and enhance all parts of their body. However, what about the nose, the body part under which your smile resides?

The Nose Pin or Nose Stud is the once piece of jewellery that uplifts the face of the woman it adorns instantly.

Different regions of India have different names for the Nose Pin, ‘Laung’ in the North of India, ‘Mookuthi’ in the South is what it is also known as. It is worn on the left nostril in the North of India and on the right side in certain parts of South India.

Ancient Ayurveda texts claim that there are scientific benefits in having your nose pierced, as doing so helps women maintain better reproductive health.


When I pierced my nose I wanted a tiny diamond sparkling on it. 

This dainty nose pin from Caratlane was my choice.


This solitaire is a classic, has zero maintenance and has continued to sparkle through the 5 years I have been wearing it on a daily basis.

Caratlane has more elaborate designs as well. Floral patterns, traditional designs, abstract designs and even nose rings.


What’s more, you can design your own jewellery and they will have it ready for you. With quick home delivery and try at home before you buy options, Caratlane has made buying jewellery easier than ever.


A diamond flower pin is what I am eyeing as my next purchase. The only thing stopping me from going ahead is that I am tempted to getting a nose ring too. I think I’ll go with both. What say?

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18 thoughts on “That Tiny Sparkle of a Nose Pin

  1. Nose pins can transform a woman’s face and make it prettier. I had it done long ago and love the tiny diamond stud I’ve been wearing since last 7 years. Get both, it will be worth it!

  2. Since the last couple of months, I have been going through this conflicting thought of to pierce or not to pierce! And this post has all stirred me up again! I am all smiles now.. 😀
    The diamond flower pin looks gorgeous!

  3. From the day I was born I have always seen my mother wearing a mookuthi. It has become so much a part of her visage that if she removes it for a minute we feel something is out of place on her face. My wife is not so fond of nose studs. I am a Tamilian settled in Kerala. Out here in Kerala it seems quiet the fashion for young women to wear mookuthis. In fact more so than Tamilnadu. I work in an Information Technology park and very rarely come across women who do not wear mookuthi.

  4. I have a very special relation with nose rings for long years…more than twenty years,from my childhood days, but i did not know the scientific reason behind it.
    In Bengal it is widely called as “naaker”…”Naak” means nose.
    Its really a very nice post.

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