Do you love Yourself? #MayTivation

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‘Main apni favorite hoon’ (I am my favourite – would be the literal translation)
When Indian Super Star, actress Kareena Kapoor mouthed these words in the iconic film Jab We Met this line became an instant hit.

These 4 words turned into a mantra of sorts, with almost everyone mouthing it and using it as their social media statuses and the like.

Being your favourite translates as loving yourself, at least to me it does. When you love yourself it is a wonderful feeling, right?

What does loving yourself mean though, have you paused to think of that?

I would like to believe that when we say we love our self, that one word encompasses a whole lot of feelings and emotions, much like any relationship bound by love does.

To love yourself you need to respect yourself, enough to say No without wondering what people may think of you if you do. You need to please yourself, instead of being a people pleaser. You need to be loyal to yourself, after all you are the one who needs to watch out for you. You need to realise when to put yourself first and when to step back.

When you love yourself, you need to be compassionate to yourself, you need to nurture yourself, you need to learn how to laugh at the mistakes you will most probably make, and at yourself.

Loving yourself is a fine balance. There will be times you might secretly despise yourself, or certain qualities that you possess. There may be times when you may regret certain words and deeds. Be brave enough to face them and make the required amends as loving yourself also requires you to be brave.

Loving yourself ensures that you will have one relationship that is unconditional and will last you a lifetime. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

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