Do you love Yourself? #MayTivation

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‘Main apni favorite hoon’ (I am my favourite – would be the literal translation)
When Indian Super Star, actress Kareena Kapoor mouthed these words in the iconic film Jab We Met this line became an instant hit.

These 4 words turned into a mantra of sorts, with almost everyone mouthing it and using it as their social media statuses and the like.

Being your favourite translates as loving yourself, at least to me it does. When you love yourself it is a wonderful feeling, right?

What does loving yourself mean though, have you paused to think of that?

I would like to believe that when we say we love our self, that one word encompasses a whole lot of feelings and emotions, much like any relationship bound by love does.

To love yourself you need to respect yourself, enough to say No without wondering what people may think of you if you do. You need to please yourself, instead of being a people pleaser. You need to be loyal to yourself, after all you are the one who needs to watch out for you. You need to realise when to put yourself first and when to step back.

When you love yourself, you need to be compassionate to yourself, you need to nurture yourself, you need to learn how to laugh at the mistakes you will most probably make, and at yourself.

Loving yourself is a fine balance. There will be times you might secretly despise yourself, or certain qualities that you possess. There may be times when you may regret certain words and deeds. Be brave enough to face them and make the required amends as loving yourself also requires you to be brave.

Loving yourself ensures that you will have one relationship that is unconditional and will last you a lifetime. Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

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  1. That last thought is so wonderful – to know that one person will always be on your side – you yourself! To be honest I have trouble loving me somedays. However this is one one relationship I’m beginning to invest in.

    1. This is truly one relationship worth investing in, Tulika. Thanks for reading.

  2. I remember how popular that dialogue became. Mostly because every girl wanted to be just that. To be that sassy and to admit it too. People usually confuse loving yourself means buying gifts for themselves or going to a spa. It’s like being in a relationship which is based on materialistic pleasures. Loved the way you explained what loving yourself truly means. To me it means to respect myself too. And if I feel I lag somewhere, then I do my best to overcome that. As you said, it’s a fine balance that we learn to maintain.

    1. Glad we are on the same wavelength, Raj. Thank you for reading.

  3. I have been a firm believer in ‘loving oneself’ for quite some time now. Frankly, there is no point pursuing others or trying to live in a way that will make them happy. It would be a lot better if we do all of that to ourselves. We are the only ones who will be with us till the end of time. That’s enough reason to love ourselves, accept ourselves and care for ourselves!
    Wonderful post, Mayuri!

    1. I so agree with your thoughts, Shilpa. Thanks for reading.

  4. I do believe that respect comes before love – when it comes to loving others and ourselves. I’m learning to put that in practice, every single day.
    Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Thanks for reading, Corinne.

  5. Mayuri Nidigallu zainab

    I definitely think if you want to be happy, then self love comes first. So yes, Mai apni favourite hoo! 🙂

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Z.

  6. Loving yourself is the toughest thing to do. It is easily said than done. We grow up judging ourselves and later one we are so busy pleasing others that we forget to love ourselves. Thanks for this lovely post.

    1. Loving yourself may be tough, but it is rewarding when You learn to. Thanks for reading, Balaka.

  7. I need to watch my back ‘coz I am the only one to keep myself safe… what a thought! I need to keep my self safe from my irrational choices which might be pleasing people but actually be killing me. I must love myself and have a balance in loving and admonishing as well! Charity begins at home and the only home where I reside is inside me…
    This thought will stay with me forever, Mayuri! Thanks for bringing up such gems of thoughts!

  8. It’s such a wonderful thought. Creating and maintain a relationship with yourself is a wonderful thing. How and in what form is something that I wonder, often. As more of a check in with myself and how I’m feeling.

  9. […] I got inked with the letter ‘M’, the initial of my name, wearing a crown. Co-incidentally all the curlicues around it also make it read like a ‘Me’ to some. Works both ways for me, as this design was chosen for a reason.As a reminder that I am the most important person in my life. And thinking so is not selfish, but self-care. Which is why I call this a Self-ie, literally. As that is what it is. A journey towards Self-love. […]

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