Book Review: Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories by Janaki Nagaraj


A book of short stories is like a box of treats, a different flavour surprising you each time. Which is why short stories are my favourite reads.

The Plot:
I was first attracted to Janaki Nagaraj’s book Fragments because of the gorgeous cover. It is stunning and intriguing and gave me a hint that the stories inside would be women-centric.

As I began reading I realized I had guessed right. 13 short stories, each in a different genre and most highlighting different facets of being a woman or womanhood.

The Ritual, captivated me and gave me goose bumps.

The Homecoming, was heart breaking and heart-warming both.

Close Call, is about ambition, assumptions and wrongs made to feel right.

The Last Laugh, highlights love and the memories attached.

Naked, will strip down your prejudices.

If You Can’t Understand my Silence, highlights a very important issue and is a must read for parents.

The Escape to Hell, will leave you with questions and wanting more.

Stree, highlights what being a woman is all about.

Quid Pro Quo, is about life coming a full circle.

The Other Women in my Life, a harsh confession of a seemingly happy marriage.

What Goes Around, teaches you that the past can call but you don’t have to answer.

I Don’t Want to be an Adult, shows you that age is just a number and there is no time limit to fulfil desires.

Sexy Body, Big Boobs, a story of how a woman is sometimes just a commodity.

My Thoughts:

Janaki Nagaraj’s writing style is smooth and easy to read. Her thoughts and stories are bold, and refreshing. Her keen observation of human life, and I am guessing an empathetic heart, have helped Janaki carve these stories from her perspective.

My top personal favourites were, ‘Naked’, ‘The Other Women In my Life’, ‘I Don’t Want To Be An Adult’.

I just felt all the stories ended too fast and wish there were longer in length.

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club in return for an honest review, and here it is.


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