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The girl sifted through the racks, a bored expression on her face.

She had already worn most of the merchandise this exclusive store held. Reluctantly she picked out a cashmere shrug, held it up and looked at it against the light. The sunlight shone on the soft fabric and she remembered that she had similar ones in all her closets back home. She didn’t have one in this colour though.

Each of the cashmere shrugs cost an arm and leg but were so exclusive that she still hadn’t met anyone wearing one. She liked that.

‘Pack this up, and all the others on your rack’, she instructed the shop assistants kowtowing around her.
Her card was swiped and she walked out of the store laden with packages, wondering yet again why happiness couldn’t be bought with money.

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  1. Sad but true. Money cant buy happiness. Glad to have joined in on the #FridayFotoFiction with you and Tina.

  2. Its always tricky- shopping makes me happy though , I am not complaining

  3. Too much of anything looses its sheen. Hapinees was never at the mercy of the pricey tags. A tale with a subtle message!

  4. True! Unfortunately money cannot buy happiness. Wonderful narration !

  5. Love this post Mayuri and agree with the end, money can never buy happiness. I often indulge in shopping therapy and money is no bar when it comes to my Levi’s jeans. Very well narrated.

  6. Shopping is therapy, true, but not a permanent one. We need more than money and a closet full of gorgeous enviable stuff to be happy. Loved this prompt, again! 🙂

  7. Well shopping does make me happy for that time!

  8. Haha. I agree and yet disagree. Agree cuz, Money can’t buy permanent happiness. Relying on monetary power, one day we feel lonely and hollow from inside. Disagree as money does buy happiness momentarily, may be one can hide their inner turmoil in such happiness.

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