My Dear September: A recap of the month gone by



My Dear September,

Could I start with saying I am so sorry to see you leave?

While August was a terribly hectic month, you, September, were serene and sweet. I got plenty of rest, which I desperately needed to recover from the madness of the last few months.

Our story featured on the cover of Bonobology

A while ago Bonobology a site about couple relationships had asked me to write for them, and I did. Our marriage story went live in September thrilling me to bits. Our story was featured on the cover and I was really kicked about the title they gave it. They titled it ‘Move Over Chetan Bhagat, our ‘2 States’ is much better than yours’.

Happy to share that my writing is on track, as is my reading. #MyFriendAlexa helped me discover so many new and interesting blogs. Though my rank did not change by much, I am happy so many people discovered my blog as well.


Remember that Vaishno Devi trip I took in August? I took a while to pen down a travelogue of it, as I wanted to add as many details as I could, so it would help first time travellers. It was finally up and so well received, making me realise that the key to good work is definitely patience.

With September I discovered a not so nice aspect of blogging, once again. I realised that there are bloggers who blatantly imitate your ideas, your writing and even the way you comment on posts! Imitation may be known as the sincerest form of flattery but I beg to disagree. It’s never nice to see your carefully thought of work and your style being imitated. I was mad for exactly 5 minutes when I realised that neither am I the 1st writer this has happened with nor the last. So, I let it go.

September you also gave me much needed time and the drive to brush up my Husband Chronicles Series. They are now up on the blog menu for everyone to read. The Husband asked me why I am not writing them anymore, to which my reply was that he needs to give me matter!

The sweetest surprise you bought with you September was a much awaited piece of amazing news on the family front. This news promises new beginnings and has brought a smile on all the family’s faces. Heartfelt gratitude for that.

I bid you good bye with an appreciative smile on my face, and an eager curiosity for what October will bring.

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.

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  1. Congrats for your story published on bonobology

  2. Sounds like a fabulous month, Mayuri. So glad that September was kind to you except for your brush with plagiarists. I am sure October will be even more fabulous.

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