On Knowledge and Learning …#MayTivation

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Learning, as defined by Wikipedia – The act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviour, skills, values or preferences.


Every waking moment teaches us something. Sometime we are aware of it, and at such times learning happens consciously. Then there are times we may be unaware of what we are absorbing. At such times learning happens later, when the right time and/or opportunity present themselves.

Knowledge is a funny thing. Some of it stays with you for life. Then sometimes the rough times we undergo sandpaper it and make it shine anew. Knowledge that isn’t used also tends to become redundant. So what do we do with all the knowledge our constant learning has helped us gather? Do we store it, allowing it to accumulate, or do we use it as and when the opportunity to do so comes by?

I recently disengaged myself from a few people who were part of my life. The knowledge gleaned from observation brought to the fore that their actions rarely matched their words and their scruples were imaginary.

It did take me a while to realize and confirm this, but once I did I chose to disassociate with them, immediately. As I have done in the past, if I had continued being in touch and given these people more chances the hurt at the end of it would be deep and the dent in my trust permanent. Continued association with such people would also colour my judgement for newer people who come into my life in the future.

Some ties make it difficult for us to actually distance ourselves from people but mental disassociation is always possible, was my other learning. I applied both of these learnings at the right time. A win win situation, really.

I am beginning to realize that while learning is a lifelong process, applying all that we think we may have learnt, at the right time, is the real challenge.

What do you think?

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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15 thoughts on “On Knowledge and Learning …#MayTivation

  1. Very interesting observation, Mayuri. Do we really apply our knowledge at the right time? I would think so. Perhaps, we wish to apply the knowledge but find it hard to actually do so due to circumstances. That has happened with me a few times. About creating a distance from toxic people, a hearty yes to that. There are people I have come to dislike after knowing them for quite a while. Now, I just want to be away from their lives as much as possible. As you mentioned, emotional detachment when physical detachment is not possible.

  2. Learning is an ongoing process, retaining all that we learnt is yet another lifelong process and using them at the right time is an attempt that’s to be made at all times. May be a challenge, as wiki says it, but surely not an impossible one

  3. Life is a great teacher in the matters. I feel that over the time, as we grow, we learn to disassociate more easily than before. At least I find it much easier… Maybe because we understand ourselves much better. We know what kind of people we need in life and what kind to avoid. Loved reading your thoughts.

  4. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  5. When you said, “knowledge is a funny thing,” my brain responded and, “ignorance is bliss.” But as I read further, you moved towards, “knowledge is power” – power to retain the positivity in your life by letting go of toxic people.
    It’s a nice idea to say that we should dissociate ourselves from untrustworthy people. Still, getting it into practice is something that has always challenged me. I wish you shared an example of how you managed to do that. Could you share a few in your next post?

  6. What a great post! Applying what we have learnt is the main task. Just learning is never enough. I also liked the part where you have mentioned about distancing yourself from the people for the better.

  7. You are so right Mayuri. I had earlier surrounded myself with the wrong set and I paid the cost, now I dwell in the company of those rare people only who make me happy and choose to ignore the rest. Though it hurts sometimes but it’s ok, it’s better to abandon them.

  8. It is always better to stay away from every such situation which brings hurt and sadness. I agree that disassociation is the best way as nobody wants to get hurt again and again. Sometimes walking away is the best for our mental peace.

  9. Learning is indeed a life long process, and some people do say one thing and do the other. At times, knowingly, at times, inadvertently, and at other times, because it might be difficult to shake off the habit. I do try to hold on to a friendship or relationship as much as I can, but if not possible, I tell so and distance myself from that.

  10. Taking the right step at the right time is important than losing something precious which is yourself. Faced similar situations I realise at that time it’s very hard but when you look back at them you see you did the right thing.

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