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#MovieReview : Arjun Reddy (Telugu)


Arjun Reddy does everything wrong. He drinks, he smokes, he does drugs, he uses the foulest of language and beds every woman who comes his way. He gets into brawls and does not know what the word respect means.

However, among all the wrongs he does, Arjun Reddy does one thing right. He falls in love with his junior at Medical College.This love at 1st sight brings out the tender side of this otherwise roguish man and the girl, Preethi, cannot help but reciprocate.


A steamy love affair starts and the world melts away in the heat Arjun and Preeti’s love generates.

As troubles are wont to follow every love story, they follow this love story as well. The couple that everyone looks up to, Arjun and Preeti, are forced to part ways.

The parting makes Arjun even more obnoxious and he is suspended by his hospital, where he is an Operating Surgeon, for directing a surgery under the influence.


After having lost his love Arjun now loses his pride and joy, his position at the hospital, and he goes unhinged. What happens next? Does Arjun find love again? Does he mend his ways? 

I would just be stating the obvious if I said that Actor Vijay Devarakonda is the star of the show in the title role. He makes you hate Arjun, makes you love him, makes you cringe in disgust at his antics and makes your heart break when his does. Vijay is a natural actor and his passion for acting hones every scene he enacts. He looks HOT, and I think I am smitten.

Shalini Pandey plays the love of Arjuns life, Preethi. Though she surely is not conventional heroine material, she fits into, and essays, this role well.

My other  favorite character was Dr Shiva ( Rahul Ramakrishna) playing Arjuns BFF.

Full marks to the story and direction, with a special mention to the music and background score. A thread of dark humor runs through the film, bringing unexpected relief.

Arjun Reddy is a bold film, an unconventional film, that is sure to get a reaction from whoever watches it. The reactions may vary though 🙂

It gets 5 stars from me!

*M’s Rating Chart.

* I want my money back + a fully booked and paid 3 month trip to _________(please fill in a destination of choice)

** I don’t want my money back even though I didn’t like the movie, but director/producer may please pay for my popcorn/samosa/parking.

*** Time and money both well spent!

**** Loved it!

***** Whistle, clap, even smile at irritating neighbor-who-kept-talking-on-cell phone, and extol virtues of the movie.

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