House to Home: Dreams to Reality with Casagrand

Casa - Address - Sirimiri

What makes a house turn into a home. What are the things to look out for when you are buying your own house? I have a secret to share, and that secret is Casagrand. Read on to find out more.

My fondest memories almost always feature the home I grew up in. A rambling structure, cocooned from the heat and dust by trees lush with fruits and flowers. The trees bordering my house provided us with the much-needed shade. They also guarded my house, standing as silent sentinels.

Our home was not perfect, but it was ours. The security our childhood home provided played an important part in moulding us as adults.

A home always holds a special place in almost everybody’s heart. Just the thought of walking into one’s home, after a long, hard day at work tends to be relaxing.

As we grow older, the desire of having our own home blooms in our heart. How, where, when, are the variables that may alter along the way, as our awareness increases but some basic non-negotiables remain. Over the time, my ‘Dream Home’ has changed its shape and form, but there are boxes on the list that I must tick, to make a house that I buy into a dream home that I live in.

The Location of a house is one of the most important things. I would like my home to be located in an area that gives me easy access to all the places that I need to commute to on a regular basis. Getting stuck in a traffic jam to reach any place I visit frequently, is my biggest nightmare!

Security: We are living in a day and age when reports of crime are a staple diet. This is the reason why Security is on the top of my mind. I would like my house to be protected at all times. I sleep better at night when I know that no one can reach my house till they are let past the gates by the able security guards.

Fresh Air and Sunlight: Another essential component of my day that I cannot do without would have to be fresh air and sunlight. Waking up and opening my drapes to the sun shining down on me, as it warms and lights my home is an instant mood lifter and essential for good health in the long run.


A Landscaped Garden and Trees: When any structure is beautifully built, a well-maintained garden and trees dotting the premises add to its aesthetic appeal. The trees and plants also work wonders in filtering out the pollutants from the air and ensure a steady supply of fresh air and shade to the residents.

Easy Access: I dislike being too dependent on anyone for my needs. I prefer walking up to the nearest store and marketplace to pick up my daily requirements and groceries for myself. The joy of picking out fresh fruits and vegetables is unparalleled, and easy access to stores and a marketplace gets brownie points.

As frequent travellers, we would love a place that is not too far away from the Airport.  Apart from these, comfortable access to Educational Institutions and Hospitals or Medical Care would help make life easier.

Entertainment: We all need a break from everyday life and as a movie buff if my house is within easy distance of a Multiplex then I would consider that as an advantage.

When I shared my thoughts of my ideal home with my husband, he called me too fussy and scoffed at my desires of a dream home. He called it ‘Mission Impossible’ when we were started looking for homes based on this list,  till we came across Casagrand.

Club House-Casagrand-Sirimiri

Casagrand has Ongoing Projects, Ready to Occupy Projects and Completed Projects in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. Their ready to occupy homes in Karapakkam, Chennai seems like they are built based on my checklist.

The Address Apartments –as Casagrand calls it, is located in OMR has lavish 4-bedroom apartments. Located 15 minutes from Adyar, The Address is spread over 3.57 Acres houses 104 units of 4 BHK Apartments and 44 units of 2 BHK Apartments.

Casagrand has ensured elegantly designed homes with high-end features like Italian Marble Flooring and Roca Fittings, making The Address a landmark project. They have a big Clubhouse with a Swimming Pool and Gym keeping your health and wellness in mind. Casagrand has ensured Big Space with Less Common Area. With easy access to IT parks, educational institutions and multiplexes, Casagrand is big on space and big on luxury.

So now you know what my dream home would look like. What is your idea of a dream home? Do share.


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