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In this journey called life we have all been given prime seats. Each of us has a window seat allotted to us and us alone. A window seat to life.

We spend a lifetime seated in our window seat, looking out at the world. Enjoying the view, grumbling about it, wanting to change it, or maybe cursing it too. Some even pull down the shades. Maybe the sun shining down on them is too harsh, or they are bored with the view. Or maybe they do not like what they see.

Nonetheless, the window seat is ours, for life. You could excuse yourself from it all for a while but eventually you have to return to your own window seat.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings, longing, all flit through you as the view from the window seat shows you changing scenarios. You see a barren land? How about planting some trees. Trees work towards giving you shade too, from the hot sun. The very sun that shone down brightly, or too brightly perhaps, on you so that you had to pull down the shades.

What else has your window seat shown you? A mob of people fighting and screaming? Vow never to become one of those people. Ever. When not so pleasant thoughts make their way into your mind, pause, think how it would make you feel to be at the receiving end. And flip your thoughts with kindness facing up.

When the day bids goodbye and welcomes the night your view turns charcoal. Until tiny pinpricks of light begin appearing. You do realise that things look different in the dark. While your eyes adjust to the night, light appears in various forms, helping you to see. Better, or not? Your view, your sight and you decide.

Just when you begin wondering if this dark night would ever end, the sun begins to rise, shedding light on a world that looks magical once again.

So what it is that you’ve been seeing? What you saw, or what was shown to you? Your perspective or someone else’s?

In this journey called life we have all been given prime seats. Each of us has a window seat allotted to us and us alone. A window seat to life.

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30 thoughts on “Life by The Window Seat : WOW with #Blogadda

  1. Beautiful post – in the journey of Life we have a prime seat I lived this line the most. how true, we see things happening outside from our life’s window but don’t react thinking what’s in for me?
    Thought provoking post.

  2. Interesting take on the prompt.
    Though, I believe that “In this journey called life we have all been given prime seats. And these prime seats make you the pilot. You are captain of your ship called life. A driver seat for life.”

  3. Hi Mayuri! This is simply WOW! I loved your take on this topic. ItΒ΄s so deep, reflective and wise. One of my all-time favourites. I will surely be visiting your blog for more such fantastic reads. More power to your pen! Love and Cheers!

  4. In life, we are all given prime seats but we still complain and like what others have and always believe others have better seats than us. It’s all about the perspective. Another great post, Mayuri. Loved your take on the prompt.

  5. Excellent post. We pass this way but once and must take as much pleasure as we can. If you grumble, you will experience sadness, but if you assume life is good, wonderful things will happen. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your way of using simple words to express deep and intense emotions is amazing. Yes, we all have prime seats in our own lives and our happiness lies in our hands too.

  7. This post grabbed my eyeball because of the book (Life in Local Train), I recently launched. I have shared lot of experiences in it.

    I established a connection with this post. Nicely written. Best part about it is that you have described different aspects really well.

  8. Such a happy post and I love it reading more because I love my window seat very much It has been my routine to sit near window seat and read, look outside
    Adore my balcony
    It adds surroundings to my life

  9. I always loved travelling by train or bus just for this simple reason- teaches a lot and helps us to introspect. A window seat indeed imparts life lessons.Such a wonderful and positive post Mayuri…Indeed a WOW post πŸ™‚

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