Pehredaar Piya Ki: My View

Pehredaar Piya Ki is a Hindi Television Serial that airs on Sony TV, Monday to Friday at the prime time of 8:30 pm, IST.


The basic premise of the story is that of an orphaned 9 year old boy (Ratan) from an aristocratic family who is married to a 19 year old girl (Diya), so that she could be his protector.

This decision comes about after Ratan’s parents are killed by a car bomb planted by greedy relatives eyeing the vast family fortune. Ratan’s dying father asks his best friend, Diya’s father, for a favour and requests Diya to be married to Ratan, so that she could protect him from any danger to his life.

Since Ratan is the sole heir of a vast fortune he needs protection. To honour his dying friends wish, Diya’s father goes ahead and gets his daughter married to 9 year old Ratan.

If all this is not gross enough, there is more. 9 year Ratan has grown up on a steady diet of fairy tales narrated to him by his Aunt. Tales of a beautiful Pari (fairy) who will be his bride. When Ratan spots Diya he is instantly attracted to her and decides that she is his ‘Pari’, and expresses his wish to marry her. All the adults laugh and brush this off.


Ratan then stalks the Pari (Diya) clicks her pictures without her knowledge or consent, and wants to fill her maang on Holi. The adults are still laughing off these statements.

Ratan’s dream comes true and Diya is married to him in a temple, with Ratan’s dying father, Diya’s parents and a few close family members as witness.


What is more appalling than the story is the fact that people, more women than men, are watching this serial and enjoying it, ensuring high TRP’s.

People watching this serial find it ‘Cute’, ‘Very different’ and ‘Innocent’.

The loopholes in this unbelievably gross script are so large that you could walk in and out of them.

Can’t a 9 year old sole heir of a vast fortune be protected legally?

Can’t a rich 9 year old be protected by hired guards 24/7?

Can’t a 9 year old be protected by whisking him away to an undisclosed location, away from relatives who are plotting and planning to kill him?

How could a 19 year old girl ‘protect the life’ of a 9 year old?

How did the 19 year old girls parents agree to marry her off to a child?

How could a teenage girl agree to marry a child?

A writer’s imagination is his greatest weapon. An imagination can create a beautiful fantasy or an ugly nightmare. In the case of Pehredaar Piya Ki, it is clearly a nightmare.

Well known Blogger, Social Influencer, Animal Evangelist and Social Worker Uttpal Krushna, who is popularly known as UK says, ‘Shocking! While the world moves ahead, such serials take us back to the 17th Century! Such serials should be banned immediately and action should be taken against the channel for showing such material on air!!

Prerna Sinha, of Maaofallblogs shares her view on Twitter

Prerna also adds, ‘So many people questioned the reality of child marriage that exists in Rajasthan. My answer, so just because rape is real we glorify it? Many people asked why wasn’t Balika Vadhu not shunned down? It’s because Indian audience is changed now and has a voice. They do not conform to the stupid norms and change is good whenever it happens!’

To all those watching this serial and calling it entertainment, it’s time to question yourselves. What about watching a 9 year old child married to a 19 year old girl is entertaining you? If it was the other way round, a 19 year old Boy marrying a 9 year old Girl, how soon would the label of ‘paedophile’ be attached? So why not in the case of Pehredaar Piya Ki?

Give a thought to the psyche of the child playing Ratan. Imagine how scared he could get, being made to portray emotions he is not the right age to experience?

Imagine if your children watching the serial asked you to get them married?

There is something that is beyond TRP’s, Ad Revenues and Popularity. That something is Social Responsibility.

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