5 Tips By Your Mom You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week25


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I firmly believe in the adage, ‘The fruit never falls far from the tree’ So if you want to know how what someone’s parents are like, look at the children, and vice versa. Our prompt for this week reminded me of just that. In thinking of tips my mother passed onto me I found myself an echo of her.

Read on to find out the tips I am Thankful For;

Never mess with your Skin and Hair
So while my friends were perming, coloring, straightening, blow drying and doing what not to their hair, there I was, getting it oiled religiously and sitting in the sun to let it dry naturally, after a regular Shampoo, even as I sulked at doing so and hated it.
Ditto with my skin. I wasn’t allowed to set foot inside a salon for any beauty routine. Till date I have had just one facial in my entire adult life.
Now when I see my skin and hair, I am thankful I listened to Mom!

It is cheaper to stay healthy, put your health first
Everything passes, but once you ruin your health getting it back is like running backward on a treadmill, is Mom’s oft repeated line. And it’s true isn’t it? Everything does pass. We’ve all survived what we thought we wouldn’t. We’ve all been through what we imagine we couldn’t and the thing carried us all through it is our health.

Goodwill carries you a lot further than anything else will
Always and always be kind and help as many people as you can, has been a lesson not only tattooed in our psyche but something we have grown up seeing both our parents do as well. Even if people don’t acknowledge your gestures, or deny or demean them, keep doing what you do, the Universe acknowledges it, and that is the only acknowledgement you need, after the good feeling your conscience gives you.

Preparation is a time savior
Whether she went for a wedding or for an official function with Dad, Mom saw to it that her outfit was ironed, her shoes and bag picked out and jewelery chosen, everything done the previous day. No last minute madness there. I do the same and the time I don’t, a headless chicken has nothing on me.
Ditto before a party or occasion at home. The previous day saw all cutlery cleaned and polished. Serving bowls, spoons and accompanying paraphernalia picked out, with little chits with the name of the dish that does into them inside the serving bowls, so only the cooking happens on the main day. Guess who follows the same?

Never be rude to staff and always treat them well
I have never seen Mom gossiping with staff, yelling at them or putting them down. No matter what. Through them breaking or spoiling expensive things, through thievery and them leaving her in the lurch, I have seen Mom be polite, not personal. Be firm, not aggressive. They work hard to make our lives easy, treat them with kindness and give them respect, is Mom’s dictum.

I read this somewhere, ‘We all eventually turn into our Mother’s’. Do you agree with me?

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7 thoughts on “5 Tips By Your Mom You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week25

  1. Always and always be kind and help as many people as you can, has been a lesson not only tattooed in our psyche.Yes to this and to health .always.We may or may not turn into our mothers.It will depend on what we want and what we want to keep alive.Lovely post Mayuri.Have a thankful Thursday!

  2. I completely agree that finally, we all turn into our moms. Many times I feel that I am talking like her or behaving like her. Great tips by your mom and I love the pre-preparation one. I am like that and to avoid last minute hassles, I believe in pre-preparation. I have heard a lot from you about her and I am sure she is a great mom 🙂

  3. Even I wrote how I turned like my mom when I became a mom of 2. I really appreciate the thing “Never be rude to staffs”… I am following this as much as possible. Always treat them with the same kindness we shown to our family..your mom is great to teach you that.

  4. I loved the list, being kind to all is what my Mom keeps on telling me always. Be kind, take care of yourself and many more. Mums are always right! I just hope my missy will say the same for me tomo 😉

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