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Looking back at a month of madness! #AtoZChallenge #Reflections


Writing is a very lonely exercise as it it just you, your thoughts and your words. Which is why an annual writing challenge like the A to Z is looked forward to by Bloggers from all over the world.

The excitement of writing daily, barring Sundays, and that too alphabetically is a thrill! Ideas are thought up, then quashed, posts are written and thrashed and written again. Friends egg you on and you return the favor. You make more friends through reading newer blogs and discover different facets of the same thing through reading.

Writing every day, and reading more than you would on a daily basis, widens your horizons and if you’re open to learning and bettering your writing, this month long challenge is a free class, where you have fun as you learn!

This was my 2nd time attempting the A to Z and I can proudly sport this badge now!


April was exhilarating and exhausting but I am chuffed that I did it! My theme was 26 Favorite Foods and A Little Bit of Me and I truly had fun writing it. You could read my posts here

After scheduling the 1st 6 posts the other 20 were written on the go, and it was complete chaos! Though it was a relief to see that some of my fellow bloggers were going through the same! We vented, we cursed, we thought of backing out, but more importantly we persisted. Through bad internet, through traveling, through ill health, through time and idea famine, we overcame every barrier and completed the challenge. 10 Thousand + words written through April, my blog grabbing 23 thousand + eyeballs , you bet I am chuffed!

Take a bow my fellow A to Z folks, we did it!

[ctt template=”8″ link=”aNyBd” via=”yes” ]#AtoZChallenge Realisation: Nothing is impossible if you make up your mind to make it possible. [/ctt]My personal favorite themes and Writers were;

Shilpa Garg, whose 55 word Crime Fiction had me hooked! Like a druggie I kept waiting for my next fix even as I was high on the current one. Shilpa, you totally rocked the challenge, and how!

Geetika Gupta, whose theme held up the mirror, showing us The Other Side of everyday situations. Mature and unbiased views and posts. What a pleasure it was reading each one!

Sreesha Divakaran, whose minimalist fiction had me, and a whole lot of others enthralled, majorly! Little bits of varied emotions that we needed to piece together into a jigsaw puzzle of love and loss.

Dr Roshan, whose theme of showcasing real life hero’s filled me with hope, and left me teary eyed, every day.

Manisha , who I am so thrilled is writing again. Read her brilliant stories here 

A special mention to;

First timers, Amrita and Deepa who just aced their debut challenge brilliantly! Their engaging and enlightening themes and posts, Amrita throwing light on the pros and cons of fruit and Deepa sharing her wisdom on Parenting were truly impressive .

A to Z rockstars, Shalini and Tina who have successfully completed the challenge on not 1 but 2 blogs each!

Shalini wrote a comprehensive Travelogue on Thailand and showcased 26 Indian Foods.

Tina’s themes were Desserts and Tips to Lead A Meaningful Life

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