Gillette Venus Breeze : Product Review

I gave up the painful torture of waxing for the painless convenience of shaving about 8 years ago. I started off with using disposable razors, which was not a good idea at all, as the experience put me off shaving!

Then I chanced upon Gillette Venus, a razor created for women, and it was literally a smooth experience from then on.


Gillette has changed the shapes and colors of its razors over the years and it’s technology had just bettered with each change. When I was gifted the Gillette Venus Breeze at the Subscribe to Smooth, a Blogger Event hosted by Gillette I fell in love with the Lavender shade.


As I unpacked it a pleasant fragrance wafted towards me. The Breeze is not only lighter in weight but sleeker than its previous Aqua hued counterpart.

Gillette -Sirimiri

It’s contoured, non-slip handle is designed for a firm grip and control in wet and soapy environments.

An indicator lubricator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E , a standard feature in the Venus, which fade away when you are no longer getting the optimal Venus experience, and a sign to replace your blades.


The feature I loved the most? The 2-in-1 Razor with inbuilt moisture gel bars that not only provides a great shaving experience but also negates the need to use and additional soap or gel .

With the Venus Breeze I have had the smoothest shaving experience, so far. The blades glide like a dream, on skin moisturised and soaped by the gel bars. No dry skin post shaving. A delicate fragrance lingers on the skin for a while.

Venus Breeze comes at a great prize of INR 299/- with the 2-Blade pack priced at INR 350/-

Do’s and Don’ts to ensure a great shave and smooth skin;

  1. Never use the Razor on dry skin. Always wet skin thoroughly before shaving skin.
  2. Using Soap or Shaving Gel helps make shaving a smoother process.
  3. Dry skin well post shaving, by patting gently. Apply a sun screen immediately as shaving helps exfoliate the skin by removing the top dead layer of skin.
  4. Wipe Razor dry, disengage the blades, and store in a dry place to maintain lasting hygiene.

Venus Breeze  features at a glance:

  • A 2-in-1 Razor + Gel Bars: Breeze is designed to enhance the overall shaving experience for women multi fold. It has specially formulated skin conditioning ingredients for an ultra-sensorial experience every time you shave.
  • Moisture Gel Bars: Unique curve hugging, water activated glide gel bars provide an all-in-one shaving experience. Formulated with body butters ( Olive, Avocado and Kokum) and Glycerin to help retain skin moisture and follow contours to give a close shave.
  • A fresh tropical fragrance of Freesia: Created with fruity top notes, blended with radiant floral accords of sheer roses, all supported by a beautiful musky base note.
  • Pivoting rounded heads with 3 blades: Hug curves and fits easily into hard to shave areas.
  • Ergonomical handle: Handle shape and soft elastomer material provide great control and manoeuvrability.

I was invited by Gillette to attend this ‘Subscribe to Smooth’ Blogger Event. The views shared above are however my own.

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