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Oil Pulling : The Natural Way Towards Dental Care

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We are particular about how we look, what we wear and what we eat, as our outer appearance is foremost on our minds.However, how many of us pause to think about how our teeth look or how clean, strong and healthy they are? Or how fresh our breath is?

Our Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. They help us bite into food and fruits and then help us chew it, so it can be ingested well. On the aesthetic front, bad teeth can and add years to your appearance. Click To Tweet Bad breath is an embarrassing issue that could get embarrassing for you as well.

Also, Dental Repair is a very expensive affair.

What if I told you of an inexpensive, doable and completely safe method that would help you maintain your oral hygiene and keep your teeth looking sparkling clean and white?

I am talking about Oil Pulling’

Oil Pulling

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is also known as ‘Kavala’ or ‘Gundusha’ and is an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique Click To Tweet that involves swishing 1 Tsp of Oil in your mouth, after you wake up in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Who should Oil Pull?

Anyone who wants better dental, and overall, health. For people who suffer from bad breath. You could make children do so as well, as long as they old enough to understand and follow the procedure right.

What are the benefits of Oil Pulling?

This is how I have benefitted;

  • Better Dental Health: I have always been very particular about caring for my teeth and used to schedule appointments with my Dentist every 3 months. Ever since I started Oil Pulling 2 and a half years ago I have visited the dentist only once, and passed the mandatory check up with flying colors.
  • Whiter Teeth: I drink a lot of tea through the day, and doing so tends to dull the whiteness of my teeth. With Oil Pulling that doesn’t happen anymore.
  • Stronger Gums and Teeth: Those sometime twangs when eating something cold or sweet are a thing of the past. No more sensitive teeth and gums or ‘electric currents’ passing through as I eat Ice-cream or drink Nimbu Paani.
  • Feel Fresh: I start the day feeling fresh, post my morning ritual of Oil Pulling. As doing so removes the toxins from my mouth.
  • Better Immunity: I have sensed a change in my immunity levels, which have risen considerably.

What would you need for Oil Pulling?

  • 20 Minutes of your time, every morning.
  • Good quality, and if possible Organic, Oil.

Sunflower Oil works best for me as it is tasteless and odour less. Coconut Oil is my choice in non-winter months for the simple reason that it freezes in Winter.

  • A different toothbrush, which is not your everyday Tooth Brush.


How do you Oil Pull?

  • Wake up in the morning and DO NOT brush your teeth
  • Take 1 Tbsp of Oil and put it into your mouth. DO NOT swallow.
  • Swish it around your mouth. Start with 5 minutes and gradually increase the time to go up to 20 minutes.
  • The quantity of Oil expands and froths as you swish, so keep watch.
  • Try to swish as long as possible when you are starting out, ideally the Oil should start feeling light in your mouth after the first 2-3 minutes
  • After the first 10/20 minutes the Oil should froth and quantity should double in your mouth and that is when you should spit it out.
  • You need to Oil Pull every morning.

(Suggestion, spit it in the pot and flush it down as spitting it in the washbasin could clog the pipes)

  • Rinse mouth thoroughly with water.
  • Brush your teeth as you do every morning.

(I keep a separate tooth brush for brushing my teeth immediately after Oil Pulling, post which I brush again with my regular tooth brush. I do this as a film of Oil tends to stay behind on the tooth brush when you brush post Oil Pulling.

Another option is, put a little paste on the tip of your finger and rub your teeth and gums with the paste on your finger, rinse and brush again with your usual toothbrush. This helps massages your gums as well)

Initially even 5 minutes of Oil Pulling might seem a lot. A good way to pass your time is go about your morning chores as you Oil Pull. I water my plants, heat the milk, get everything for my tea and The Husbands coffee ready and answer my emails and before I know it 20 minutes are up.

Start with 5 minutes and build it up to reach 20 minutes. We could spare that much of time , every morning, for better teeth and health, can’t we?

Disclaimer: All views and methods expressed here are my own. Please follow them at your own discretion. I shall not be held responsible for the results they may show on you, whatever they may be.

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