Thank You, April! #GratitudeCircle & #ThankfulThursdays


How do I describe April? Let’s see, it was fun, it was crazy, it was uncomfortable, it was exhilarating and it left me with a lot of learning, like every day and every experience leaves you with if you’re open to it.

Let’s start with the A to Z Challenge, which I was attempting for the 2nd time. My theme was My Favorite Foods and a Little Bit of Me. I scheduled 6 posts and thought I would catch up with the rest * don’t tell anyone but I thought it would a breeze to do so * and boy, did I realize how wrong I would be!

Traveling to Bombay, to home, meant spending time with family during the day and staying up late to write and schedule my posts. Then, because I wasn’t prepared and I was writing posts on the fly meant coming up with dishes, cooking them and clicking pictures of them and then scheduling posts. Which meant this crazy schedule took a toll on my health, and how!

My Mom gave me a gentle Mom-jibe, like only Mom’s can, by saying, ‘Beta, if you are going to come home and spend time on the internet we may as well talk on the phone, at least then we have your full attention’. Ouch! * insert sheepish look *

Lesson learnt; Health should must always come first! Family next. Everything else later.

The A to Z was fun!! I felt chuffed that I completed it and had fun doing so, all the madness not withstanding. Writing daily for the challenge set a routine for me, reading so many different blogs widened my horizons of learning and the payback of doing both reading and writing bettered my Blog Ranks and score! So, I’d say A to Z WAS fun AND great! You could read my posts here

On the work front some exciting new projects helped me re assess myself differently, and in a positive manner, mind! I was invited to attended a super fun event which helped me bust myths, and meet new faces and I look forward to more such events.

Health wise, I think I may have managed to pinpoint where I am going wrong and also, what path I should be taking to set the wrongs right. Now all I need is the follow through, which I honestly suck at. But hey, May is a new month and new months mean new hope and new beginnings, so fingers crossed for changes that are a must, and not just a May-be. After all I am addressed as May by friends so this IS my month! * insert grin here *

Thank you for reading and wishing you a fabulous May!

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