#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

Q is for… Qurma #AtoZChallenge


The goodness of vegetables, a taste that is not like the ordinary and a dish that saves my skin on many occasions. When I don’t know what to cook for dinner or I am one dish away from finalizing the menu for a party this Qurma is what comes to the rescue.

I have tweaked the basic recipe here in so many different ways that it tastes and looks different each time.

When this Qurma is a dish for a party menu I add Cream or Coconut Milk and I have a rich tasting gravy. Minus the tomatoes (when I am out of them) and the Qurma tastes different. Add Kasuri Methi, or not, and the taste changes again. Let your imagination run wild even as your taste buds tingle with each new twist to taste.

Being a woman is fun!

Being a quirky woman is a lot more fun!

I have always believed that being quirky or having quirks, that don’t irk, is a sign of confidence. When you’re sure of what you are and enjoy being you, no matter what anyone thinks that’s when you can pat yourself on your back and say, you’ve done well, girl!

I stack currency in my purse according to descending denominations in my wallet, and I have a separate Coin purse as well.

My Handbag carries everything, except the kitchen sink. I stopped carrying a mini sewing kit after it being confiscated many times at airports * grin *

My borderline OCD, because of which I can’t write a single word till my home is spic and span.

My habit of standing up for and rooting for the Underdog even though I have been brutally bitten in return by the same ‘Underdog’ * wider grin *

And, yes, crossing my fingers and making a wish when I see a red postal van and only uncrossing my fingers when I see a black car in motion * grin graduates to a guffaw imagining the horrified expression on you, my readers, face * Learnt this quirk in school, only problem is there are fewer postal vans around these days.

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