Good Knight Fabric Roll-On: A natural Mosquito repellent

I live in an apartment complex which is beautifully landscaped. Every nook and cranny is verdant with trees, shrubs and flowering plants. I also have a balcony lined with plants. Living amidst all this green is a sight for sore eyes, and we feel such a relief that we get relatively fresh air around our living space.

There is one downside to having trees and plants all around though. As more often than not, they become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bugs.

Come evening and the first thing we do is shut all our doors and windows, to stop mosquitoes and bugs from coming in and in doing so we keep out the fresh air as well.

Evening and post dinner walks have become rarer and rarer as it is no fun when you spend more time discussing and swatting mosquitoes than you do talking and walking!

What is the solution to this we have often wondered?

Well, Good Knight seemed to have thought of one as they’ve recently introduced their latest product, the Fabric Roll On in the market.


Good Knight needs no introduction, as it is already an established name in India. The company is well known for its innovative household products such as mosquito repellents for personal as well as outdoor protection from mosquitoes, bugs and insects.

Fabric Roll-on – 4 dots of Protection

Protect your family from mosquitoes throughout the day by using just 4 dots of Good Knight’s Fabric Roll-on which is made up of 100 % natural ingredients like Citronella and Eucalyptus Oil for mosquitoes.

The uses and health benefits of Citronella and Eucalyptus Oils are plentiful, from repelling insects, mosquitoes and bugs as they are natural outdoor mosquito repellents.

Good Knight has started using these natural oils in their products such as the Fabric Roll On which helps keep mosquitoes at bay.

The Fabric Roll-on’s non-skin application and the personal repellent provides up to 8 hours of protection without staining your clothes. Being 100% natural it is also child-safe.

So get yourself this attractively packaged, easy to use and carry Fabric Roll-on and enjoy the Summers outdoors with your friends and family!

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