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N is for … Nolen Gurer Jolbhara Sandesh #AtoZChallenge

Nolen Gurer Jolbhara Sandesh

Nolen Gurer is Date Palm Jaggery. The winter months from November to February are what I used to eagerly await, as those are the months that West Bengal produces Date Palm Jaggery. Technology is a boon though, as these days Nolen Gurer Mishti’s (sweets) are available all year round. The taste does differ slightly when Fresh Nolen Gurer is used and its hoarded up and preserved counterpart is used, and a discerning palate can taste the difference but as long as it is available all year round I am definitely not complaining! My favoritest is the Nolen Gurer Jolbhara Sandesh, this brown version of Sandesh is very plain to look at but bite into it and wait for the dark brown Nolen Gurer to hit your palate and when it does the feeling is instant joy! [ctt template=”5″ link=”Ry4LF” via=”yes” ]The taste of Nolen Gurer is special, and you need to experience it to know what I mean.[/ctt]

No one believes I am a North Indian, a Punjabi to be precise. I am always mistaken for being a Bengali, and the fact that I love the Bengali Mishti’s (sweets) so much and wear a Shakha-Pola and Loha during Pujo time AND I am as excited about Pujo as any self-respecting Bengali would be doesn’t help the cause.

If I am not mistaken for a Bengali, I am mistaken for a Malayalee, because of my ‘dark and curly hair and shining eyes’ is the explanation given, when asked.

To further complicate matters I am married to a Telugu, who looks like a North Indian 🙂 So when people find out we are Chetan Bhagat’s vice-versa version of 2 States they immediately assume and proudly point out that I must be the South Indian and The Husband must be the North Indian, till The Husband starts talking. After which all assumptions are put to rest J

I have no issues with people assuming whatever they wish to, it’s fun actually as I do realise that I look nothing like a North Indian, It’s more fun when after the bad guessing games when I tell people of my origins they turn around and say, ‘Ah, yes you look like a North Indian actually.’ :)))))

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