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Meethe Chawal

The literal translation of Meethe Chawal is Sweet Rice and they were cooked at home often when I was growing up. Whenever there was an occasion worth celebrating, or occasions were created when there were none, we had Meethe Chawal on the table. And in a joint family of 12 + people there were always reasons to celebrate, genuine or otherwise, believe me!

From school and college admissions to exams getting over, from India winning a cricket match to my Uncle’s friend sister getting engaged, excuses were cooked up, so that Meethe Chawal could be cooked! 🙂

This simple and delicious dish is also known as Zarda Pulao. Basmati Rice should be used to bring out the best look and taste of this fragrant dish delicately flavored and hued by Saffron. Cardamom powder and dry fruits enhance its taste and my favorite dry fruit, Chironji, adds that crunch to the mouthful of sweetness savoring this dish would bring.

After Food and Travel my one big passion is Movies! I love watching movies in the theatre, on the big screen. Once the lights go low, darkness wraps up the cinema hall and the movie begins, I forget the whole world. It is just me, the characters and the story that I become part of. I absolutely abhor talking, or people who talk, during a film.

I am that annoying person sitting in the next seat or two rows above you who will shush you if you talk during the film. People who talk loudly on the mobile get my death stare, if they are in visible distance of it. Good movies, bad movies, very bad movies I will watch them all even as I seek joy from them, grumble away at them or later curse them by writing a scathing review about them.

There is something magical about a story unfolding in front of you, and as it does a parallel story unfolds in my mind. The work of so many technicians, actors and of course the Captain of the Ship, the director, and me wondering how a certain shot must’ve been filmed or how the lyricist thought of certain lines for a said situation, or what must go through an actor’s mind as they give a specific shot. Does this explain why I like my peace and quiet and need full concentration to watch a film?

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