5 Things you are Thankful for about your Country #ThankfulThursdays Week 24

I feel privileged that I am an Indian. I love my Country, with all my heart and with all its welts and warts. I am rational enough to realise that there is a lot we could do better but then I choose to look the other way and choose to see the wonderful things we already have and gratitude replaces the grumbles.

Sunshine, almost all year around is what I am eternally grateful for. I am not too fond of gloomy weather and sunshine makes me happy. I love the fragrance of clothes dried in the sun and the summer months see raw mangoes turned into delicious pickle thanks to the sunlight.

The Workforce available here makes me send up a huge thank you every day, from Drivers, to maids to gardeners to the fast dwindling ‘Peon’ help is at hand, on hire, and it makes life comfortable.

As you travel through the country you enjoy the diversity, be it weather, language and of course people. I know of no country that is as diverse as ours.

Even though it is almost a thing of the past now the family system in India is a big boon. Relatives living around you compensate for the lack of family living with you, and are there to chip in in both good times and bad, which is a big help.

The Food! Each state has a cuisine so rich and a list so exhaustive that you keep discovering new dishes even if you think you know them all!

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  1. I love Indian family system too.Though I am thankful for the sunny weather ,I do wish the green cover would increase to make it more pleasant.About workforce and people who help us get wok done I cant be thankful enough.My maid is AWOL today and I am thankful that I have the cook coming sfter sometime.Hopefully!

  2. Sunshine, food, family system, work force agree with you on every single thing.

  3. Food is my love and I thankful we have so many to explore..

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