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A Chaat is a savory snack, typically a street food, well-loved and found all over India. A host of ingredients are put together and seasoned with the most delicious of Chutneys, the tastes of which range from spicy to sour to sweet to tangy and the coming together of all the ingredients forms a Chaat. Bhel Puri, Paani Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri and more are the various names given to a Chaat.

Names and tastes may differ according the states you may have it in but the joy they bring remain the same. Call it by whatever name you want to but the first reaction the mention of a Chaat will evoke is a wide smile.

Like many other people I associate Paani Puri with a happy occasion, eating it with friends, competing who could eat the most, laughing aloud if someone’s Puri broke midway to its journey into the cave of the mouth. It was a rite of passage when you could gobble a whole Puri packed with mashed potatoes and moong or chana and dripping with the spicy water.  Eyes watering, hissing away as we eat one spicy part at a time, getting it modified by the ever patient ‘Bhaiyyas’ who dole them out, indulging in Chaat even as you are discussing where you ate the best one or the worst one and what the current plate in front of you is lacking is the done thing, this talk is almost an accompaniment!

When we moved to Bangalore from Mumbai I missed my Chaats the most, till careful research and lots of trials and errors later we found places that serve the purpose, if not the most authentic chaat 🙂

A Chaat is a meal for me, and contrary to what anyone might say or believe, Mumbai has the most delicious Chaat’s anywhere in India, and in Mumbai, my Mum makes the best ones.

Whenever I visit home it is an unsaid rule there there will be Chaat for dinner on the day I arrive or the next day.


Most people think I am Calm, like the Buddha. Ha! Looks couldn’t be more deceptive could they now?

I studied in Convent School, where I was calm, almost meek. In fact most people from school only remember me because my name was so unusual and I was the only Mayuri in school. I didn’t speak much then, at least not to everyone save for a few friends. I preferred to spend my time in the Library where I developed my reading habit, on in the Sewing Room thanks to which I love sewing and needle work and embroidery or with very few close friends. And I had a temper. Yes. A terrible, fly of the handle temper. I was also thoroughly spoilt, indulged, accommodated by a family full of Uncles and Aunts what with being the eldest niece.

Then one day I changed. I got bored of being me!

And from a dark cloud I turned into this cheery ray of sunshine!:)

So am I Calm? As I like to say, my facial features are calm, and I am anything but. I am alive! I am hyper! And fun! Also funny and impish and a bundle of energy! With so many flattering adjectives going around why would I want to be known as ‘Calm?’ ;-D

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