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When I received an invite from VLCC to attend a Blogging Event I was puzzled. Why would India’s top Slimming Centre invite Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers, I wondered? The brief that followed after I accepted the invite was enlightening, but got me even more curious and on a sunny Saturday morning I made my way towards the VLCC branch in HSR Layout, Bangalore.

  • One of the treatment rooms
  • The Chic interiors
  • Products
  • Artfully arranged Products on Display
  • VLCC centres in India dotting the map

I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped in, chic white interiors with accents of orange and a spic and span Salon space welcomed me. An array of skin care, hair care and other products were tastefully arranged on a shelf on my left. I did a double take, I was at a slimming center, what where these beauty products doing here?

With these, and more, questions in my mind my fellow Bloggers and I were introduced to the exuberant Ms Sushmita – Category Manager – VLCC and before we realized we were all talking away, nineteen to a dozen! Over an informal chat we directed our eager questions at Ms Sushmita who answered them all.

As the questions and conversation progressed the first eye opener was that VLCC is a Wellness Centre, and not just a slimming center. Apart from helping people lose weight, it offers a whole lot of services as well. 28 years of existence and the brand has just moved from strength to strength thanks to the dynamic Ms Vandana Luthra, the name and face behind the brand. At VLCC they help you and guide you to look and feel better.

True to keeping with its theme of wellness, we sipped on fresh fruits juices and nibbled on bowls of artfully arranged fruits and snacks as we were introduced to the main team that ran the HSR center.

Ms Sushmita was now joined by Dr Ruby, the Zonal Dermatologist. Myths were busted and the light of knowledge was shone on our ignorance as doubt were cleared.

We got to know that;

VLCC analyzes your DNA to figure out what skin ailments you’re susceptible to and then provides a custom made treatment to not only cure them but avoid them too.

VLCC offers Hair Treatments, Nail Extensions, Eyelash Extensions, Body Contouring and various other Dermatological and Beauty Services.

If you’ve heard of and been intrigued by the Vampire Facial that owes its fame to Kim Kardashian you could get yourself one right at VLCC.

If you’ve never heard of it, worry not, VLCC Centers offer The Vampire Facelift which revives dull and sallow skin to its former glory. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a form of blood plasma. 8 ml of your blood is drawn which is then enriched with platelets and growth factors through a special procedure and reduced to 4 ml. This enriched blood is then applied to your face with a Derma Roller. The Vampire Facelift encourages cellular growth, stimulates healing and imparts a youthful appearance to the skin.

Another issue that worries nearly all people is centered around the area that is the most delicate one on the face, the under eye area. From dark circles to puffiness and eye bags VLCC offers treatments for all issues.
Their Derma Heal Eye Treatment, is exclusively formulated with innovative bio actives. This treatment dramatically reduces visible signs of ageing around the eye area by instant wrinkle filling effect.

Each procedure is conducted by trained staff and under supervision. The highest standards of safety and hygiene are maintained. Don’t just take my word for it though, find out for yourself.
To find out more about the services offered by a VLCC Wellness Center nearest check their website here

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The T&C for the Discount Code are as follows:

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I was invited by VLCC to attend this event, however the views expressed are my own.

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  1. Looks like you had a good time Mayuri. VLCC has some great programs and great offers. I have heard a lot about their face treatments. I am surely going to try it soon.

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