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On Feminism and Empathy #MayTivation

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Very recently Mira Rajput Kapoor was in the news, for speaking her mind. 22 years old, married to a star and a new mother all in the span of a short year and a half, this is what Mira said.

Her views and comments got her serious amount of flak from women all over. She was called names, cursed, ridiculed, discussed and some comments on a thread on fb by women were so demeaning and vitriolic that I cringed just reading them.

Women’s Day was celebrated on the 8th of March just as it celebrated each year. I read and heard the words empower, support, equality enough times to last me another year and make me wonder how many of us actually walk the talk.

The thumb rule of Feminism for me is Empathy. Take the case of Mira Rajput for instance. How many women slandering her paused to think that she is a young girl probably enjoying the limelight she is thrust under. That she was invited for a Women’s Day function where she answered a question she was asked, in a way she may have thought was right/honest/intelligent. Little knowing that her words would be turned into weapons which would be used to hurt her. It is obvious that Mira hasn’t learnt political correctness yet, but then how many of us are guilty of flaunting our, ‘I am politically incorrect’ status? I know I am.

Mira’s words wouldn’t have had any impact at all if they were allowed to go unnoticed, it is us who gave her view undue importance and blew the whole thing out of proportion. How do you expect a young girl on a threshold of a new life which is nothing short of dreamlike to understand the struggles of real women ? And why is it important that she understand?

My friends who are Career Women have always looked down upon housewives, labelling them as ‘useless’. My mother has always been a housewife and my younger sister has always been a career woman, so I have seen both sides of the coin. Can I judge who does more, or less? No, I cannot. As there is no bar for either. However, one thing I can vouch for is my mother, as a housewife, is anything but useless. Growing up with one I have realized it is the most tiring job, with no holidays, no gratitude, no perks and no payment. And to top it you have your fellow women judging you for your choice to be one.

The battle for Feminism has been going on for long. Some women who fought for it are not even around to experience the benefits their fight for it got other women. In the same way the generation after us will have it easier than we did and I often wonder how many of them will pause to spare a thought or thanks to the women who smoothened the path for them. When you focus on one wrong view, one wrong voice and one wrong thought, you wipe out years of thinking, saying and doing the right thing. When you coerce people into thinking like you do, you make people stop thinking at all.

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Feminism should be about empowering women, not classifying them. It should be about letting them be with their choices and not forcing yours on them. It should be about helping them see the light, not blinding them with it. It should be about allowing women to decide and not deciding for them. It should be about understanding their fears, their reluctance their ideologies and sharing yours with them. Because after all is said and done each woman has to go back to facing the consequences of words spoken and action taken herself, and some women are just not brave enough to do so.

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