#ThankfulThursdays : #Week18


Women. Magical. Mysterious. Whacky. Quirky. All kinds.

There are Women who talk, then there are women who walk the talk. There are women who pray and then there are women who slay. Women who are submissive and women who are aggressive.  Women who hurt and women who heal. Women who are ashamed to be born thus and women who celebrate being born one. It takes all kinds of women to make this work an interesting place, for other women.

Kindness – a generosity of spirit where you are considerate, warm and unselfish.

The one factor that never fails to endear one women to another is Kindness.  A kindness shown in friendship, acquaintanceship a professional relationship or a personal one.

A mother in law who is kind to her new daughter in law gets talked of fondly. A colleague who shows kindness to another earns brownie points. In a relationship between a man and a woman, Kindness is as important as love is. Kindness is what each one of us can use, and not only as a #hashtag, to get by in this world even as we are fighting bigger battles on the side. A Kindness shown is like your bag on an airport carousel, you may miss it once but it always returns back to you.

When I think of the word Kindness my friend Jyotsna is the one who immediately comes to mind. We met on a writing forum a dozen years ago and from exchanging writing tips we were soon exchanging thoughts. Jyo, as I call Jyotsna, is the kindest person I know. Just being in her presence is calming and her whacky sense of humor is a special treat! Jyo has her mind, heart and home open, always. Thank you for being part of my life Jyo and reinstating my belief that there are good people in this world who give because they want to, and not because they want something in return.

Parul will be as surprised to find her name in this post as I am typing it! But when I thought of kind women, Parul’s name popped up first. I have met her twice, in a group, and I know her more through my online interaction and observation of her. Her beautiful writing, where she shares her life experiences, her gracious comments and her kind words have had such an impact in my mind that it would be sacrilege if I did not include Parul in this list. Thank you, Parul, for being you. And showing me that people can be the same online and offline, effortlessly and honestly.

I met one of my favorite authors, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni at an event recently. She was on an all India tour that had her whizzing through so many cities and meeting a multitude of people, but the moment I went up to to her to have my book signed and mentioned my name she said, ’Mayuri! My facebook friend! So good to meet you’! I was overwhelmed that she remembered me from our online interactions and needless to say, my day was made! I am a fan of her writing, and her warm heartedness has made me a fan of her as well! Thank you Ma’am for confirming my belief that the higher you climb the ladder of success the more reachable you should be to people who helped you get there.

My Readers, who I am eternally thankful for coming by and reading, commenting and all the messages you send me. Feedback keeps me going and spurs me to keep bettering myself.

This post would be incomplete if I did not thank my co-hosts, Amrita – for everything and more so for the patience when it comes to walking me though the technical bits and bobs for my site! Deepa – for being the calm presence we so need when we are going mad all around you and for the creatives and Tina – for Bluey  who always cheers us up and the future desserts you will cook up and we shall gobble up!

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10 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursdays : #Week18

  1. Loads of love Mayuri .Yes women can pray and slay depending on situation. I hope never to slay another living being (maybe mosquitoes )but sometimes certain situations one is tempted .If not slay atleast tear them apart with words.Unfortunately or fortunately not doing that and being kind is making me lose weight.
    As always I can’t thank you enough for always holding me back, when I want to burn things down.Loads of love.We are sisters from a past life I believe .Thank you for agreeing to Thankful Thursdays

  2. I just loved this post. Very impactful. I am glad you have so many wonderful ladies around you. I agree about Chitra Divakaruni ma’am. She was so warm and super happy when I told her we were connected on twitter. She shook my son’s hands and thanked him for being such a fine gentleman. He will behave during all future book launches just to hear that again I suppose. 🙂

  3. This is such a sweet gesture and you made my day much more happier, Mayuri. You are right that I read twice to confirm it’s me you are talking about. I’m glad that you see in me what you mentioned. It’s important for me to be me. It drives me to be better 🙂 So can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Hugs!
    P.S. We should meet again 🙂

  4. Although I have met Parul only once, I agree that she is a very sweet person and I also got the same vibe from her. Thanks a lot for mentioning us Mayuri and I am blessed to have you all around me too. It is so comforting when you know someone is there to guide you and hold your hand when you need them. Thanks for being there and for being you 🙂

  5. You are so generous in your praise and writing; its lovely to read about your thoughts on the women in your life, as you meet them and how they have affected you!
    Like I said to you, I found this a very tough prompt personally, and just cant write on it! Could write about “petty” women but then……………… 😉

  6. Its lovely to read about these women and the love and support they have given, the comment by Chitra who is a veteran writer is amazing. I think as bloggers we are blessed to have met some genuine people in the virtual world!

  7. Kindness is a quality that is very attractive. I loved what you shared about the lovely women. When I think of kind people, I think of my sister. And Vidya Sury, she emanates so much empathy and kindness. Beautiful post, Mayuri.

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