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The world is made up of Givers and Takers. People who like to give are loved by people who like to take. And people who like to take are needed by people who like to give. It’ s a vicious cycle really, that sometimes lasts a lifetime for some.While some people give and take mindlessly, on a need based arrangement, and move on, there are others who pause to feel gratitude.
Feeling Gratitude is a very rare phenomena and expressing it even more so. Gratitude makes for great hashtags or posts but it is not expressed as often as it should be.
Feeling Thankful silently is like wrapping a present for someone and not giving it to them. Yes, that is exactly what it feels like. You know you chose and picked a present for someone, wrapped it up and then just didn’t give it to them. Meanwhile, the other person is clueless about the entire process you went through for them. So your entire exercise was futile, right?
When you express Gratitude you make the person you feel gratuitous towards happy. In return you feel good, at sharing your thoughts and seeing the happiness on someone else’s face. With two people happy, positivity blooms and sometimes even becomes contagious.
Don’t believe me? Try it, I assure you you will not regret it.

Feel it, share it, spread it!

Thank you for reading my post, wishing you a great day!:)



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7 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursdays #Week17

  1. I agree with you completely. Gratitude needs to be expressed. But when the persons you feel grateful to are not there anymore in this physical world, the only way to express gratitude is expressing it silently. In all other cases, shout it out loud if possible 😀 Mostly these days people do it on social media. 🙂

  2. Gratitude truly makes a difference and very few understand its value.. I wonder at those who are constantly cribbing, whining about how life isn’t going the way it is. I am tempted to tell them, how about being thankful for what you have but hold back cos i know they aren’t ready to hear it or not in the position to listen to it..sigh….

    The first time I did the Magic I knew what I had missed out on and am now doing it for the 2nd time… Such sheer bliss… 🙂

  3. Loved how you related gratitude with a present which is wrapped but not given. Agree its all about give and take and it’s good if it makes you and other happy. Thanks for another great prompt.

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