What I am Thankful for NOT having #ThankfulThursdays #Week14

Even on the days we feel our worst we should realise that we have the luxury of allowing ourselves to feel that way. Yes, every feeling it is a luxury, whether good or bad, as there are far too many people who are not even allowed to feel.

In the same vein there are traits, attributes that we see in people or experience through them, which make us mentally roll our eyes and say, Thank God I’m NOT that way!

I am Thankful I am NOT;

Miserly: With my affection, abilities, compliments, time, empathy, ideas and patience, to name a few. You could be a stranger, an acquaintance or a friend and chances are you would have experienced either a few or all of the things mentioned.

Rigid: You’ll often hear people saying that as they grow older they become set in their thoughts, actions, habits and outlook. Not me! With each passing year I become even more malleable. And it is a habit that happens unconsciously.

Unaware: Of my flaws. I have a conscience that I keep shining and running, in mint condition, like a prized car. And it responds, by running over and quashing any thought that may remotely go against my natural nature.

Lazy: I love housework, walking to everywhere I can and doing as much as I can myself. The only time you might find me sitting in one place is when I’m typing out a blogpost:) At other times, that Energizer Bunny has nothing on me!:)

Know-it-all: Yes, I do know a lot but I still don’t know it all. The anticipation of learning what you don’t know is what I look forward too. That is what makes life exciting!



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