#BookSlutThursday #Week1

#BookSlutThursday by @shalzmojo . Hop over to her Blog to know more.

I am reading two books simultaneously. Yes, I do that often 😀
The Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin
The Lives Of Strangers by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, and it’s a signed copy, mind it! 😎
Yesterday was Saraswati Puja and I prayed to my books and diaries too, hence the #flowers .
That little brass Urli on the top left holds my PotPourri
The 2 slim Diaries on the bottom right are where I jot down my notes and appointments. They are by Rubberband and were gifted to me by my brother.
Below the diaries is a set of 4 Coloured pens and a penpencil.
The pen on the far right is a pen, flashlight to read by, and a stylus all in one. Love this gift from the husband!

Tagging @pratibhaspandey @myawesomeeveryday and @talesfromaaroo to take this challenge forward

4 thoughts on “#BookSlutThursday #Week1

  1. I loved your black pen, which brand is it? I have a black slender sleek sexy pen from Cross which was gifted on my birthday by Mr B and trust me pens have been the best gifts for me. How is the book by Shauna Singh? It has been going around Instagram a lot.

  2. Loved the pic composition; the idea of praying to them…Beautiful
    The stylus-flashlight pen sounds very very handy .
    Your books sound very interesting. I will mark them for a later exploration
    Thanks for taking part in my prompt play… Cheers ☄

  3. both books sound interesting! & a signed copy, no less!! I’d love to read yr reviews on them. I love the ritual of flowers in our prayers… gives it that touch of special-ness : )
    I am totally a diary person too!

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