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Book Review: Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh



Imagine that you love eating chocolates, and you get your hands on a box of assorted ones, in all the flavors you can think of. Perfect, right?

I am a voracious reader, and as I read though Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh I had a similar feeling.
12 short stories, in varied flavors, and each one standing out on its own.

Rubina’s stories made me go through a myriad of emotions, ranging from surprise to shock and just when I thought that the mood for the rest of the book was set her next story made me smile, while another made me go into introspection mode.

A Secret in their Closet, is a story about a Mother wanting to kill her child to hide a secret that is killing her. The story will stun you and will have you looking at parents, and human nature, in a different light.
Betrayal, a story of abuse, revenge and moral dilemma will have you wondering who betrayed whom and if one lifetime is enough to avenge it.
Chiclets, tells of fresh of the boat immigrants who find setting in a new country unnerving, till their child paves the way. The clever little story, with an important lesson, will leave you smiling and make you realize that sometimes children teach us the lessons they should have learnt from us instead.
Forgive me, for I have sinned, had me holding my breath throughout, and I gladly exhaled in the end
Lolita, a reality deftly woven into a story about a sex-symbol. It and made me pause and think of so many ‘Lolita’s’ I have read about.
No Regrets, an impish and wily wife who gets get way. In the right manner, or wrong, you decide.
SuvarnaRekha, of tribals, melas, beads and feathers and love against all odds had a retro movie feel and had me picturizing an 80s film.
The Little Godmother, sibling rivalry or just siblings? Smile through it and decide for yourself. It left me grinning, really wide.
The Missing Staircase, a Grand daughter and her Grandfather and the staircase on which they spent time on, talking and exchanging secrets will make you reach out for and cherish the relationships in your life.
The Other Woman had an unexpected twist.
Daddy, hear me out, should be made a compulsory read for parents. Between demanding marks and nurturing your child’s spirit, which one would you choose? The spirited Jaspreet tugged at my heart
Cliff Notes, well, Rubina surely did save the best for the last. A story told from the view of and observations of a Mountain, which will make you hang your head in shame for being human.

I savored each story, tasting the emotion, enjoying the fine writing and the deft editing by Inderpreet Uppal
Writing simply is the toughest thing and Rubina Ramesh has mastered that art. Her writing ensures that her imagination is presented well and gives flight to our, the reader’s, imagination too.

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club in return for an honest review, and here it is.

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