Energy Vampires #MayTivation

We’ve all heard of ‘Dracula’, the Vampire who sucks the life blood out of it’s victim, leaving them drained and lifeless.
How many of us realise that at some point in our life we become, or have, a ‘Dracula’ in our life too.
‘Dracula’ or ‘Energy Sappers’ are people who latch on to other people and emotionally manipulate them with stories of their misfortune, draining the listeners in the process.
Everything is used to gain a listening ear and sympathy, from illness to financial difficulties to being single or being in an unhappy relationship. Even the topics of children and the elderly are used liberally to emotionally ensnare friends who soon become victims.
If you think you have a Dracula in your life it’s time to make some changes. Emotionally detach yourself from these Energy Sappers even if you wish to continue to help them. Don’t feel guilty for backing off and if required from cutting all ties from these Dracula’s.
Because remember, you are responsible only for the problems you create in another’s life, and not for all the ones they have.


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