Versatile Blogger Award


Subha nominated me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’, surprising me and thrilling me, both! Thank you, Subha, I hope to live upto this honor!:)

Here are the rules for this award:

The recipient is supposed to

– display the award on their blog
– Thank the person who has nominated them
– Share 7 different facts about themselves
– Nominate 15 blogs of their choice
– Link their nominees and let them know of their nomination

So here goes; 7 Different Facts About Me;

1)When I first started writing, I could ONLY write with a Natraj Pencil, on white A4 paper. Habit, quirk, superstition, whatever you call it, it was a routine that continued for 2 long years.

2)I have 2 half-finished books written, and waiting to be completed, in the word folder in my computer

3) Writing a good piece gives me a high that lasts for days!

4) Stephen King is one of my favorite Writers. I learnt to hone my writing by reading his books.

5) I detach myself from my work before I share it with anyone. I am no longer ‘touchy’ about anyone’s views on it.

6) I suffered a Writer’s Block for 4 long years. It was a terrible phase and just when I thought I would never write again, I started writing once more!

7) When an idea strikes me and the laptop or pen and paper are not handy, I write behind bills, envelopes, on tissue paper and on my hands too. I have used my lip pencil and eye pencil to jot down ideas when nothing else was around 🙂


Nominating the following Bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award;

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Aarti , for Reviews, Travel Stories, Fiction and more

Shilpa Gupte  Flash-fiction, Fiction,Pep-talk and more

Ameeta Travel, Food, Reviews and more

Dr Amrita Medical articles, Entrepreneur Tips , Parenting and more

Deepa Nutrition, Parenting, Fiction and more

Tina BlogBeautiful posts, Fiction, Cooking and more

Manisha Product Reviews, Shopping Tips, Fiction, Poetry and more

Ruchie Fiction, Recipes, Contests and more

Romila Reviews, Views, and more

Menaka Parenting, Health, Beauty, Organic food and more

Saumy Travel, Poetry, PhotoBlog and lots more

Dr Anshul Reviews, Fiction, Medical articles and more

Aseem Travel, Reviews, Micro-fiction and lots more

Rohan Reviews, Fiction, 55 Word Stories, and more


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