The Wedding #FridayFotoFiction #Week6



‘’I love you”

‘I love you more’

“I can’t wait to be with you”

‘I want that more than you do’

“I am glad this is finally happening. So glad.”

‘I wish it had happened differently though’

“Don’t say that”


“No more but’s. We’ve wasted enough time on those already”

 ‘I am sorry’

“I am sorry”

They said it together and looked at each other and smiled.

“Let’s go tell the others”

And The Bride and the Groom’s Best Man got up from the jetty and walked towards waiting guests, hand in hand, with an announcement to share.

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  1. want to learn from you, how to say so many things in few words 🙂

  2. Atleast they did it before getting married to other people.Its difficult but better than living a lie.

  3. So, nice and a great flow. 🙂

  4. Another beautiful story with a sweet twist in the end 🙂

  5. Is support them even if the guests at that wedding didn’t! Love must count in the end.

  6. Twist…what a twist. They saved a lifetime of regret by their timely action! Well written Mayuri

  7. Love the way you express so much in such few words; delicious tale! 🙂

  8. Loved the twist in the tale. Amazingly told story!

  9. The twist was the icing on this beautifully written piece. Well done.

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