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So, I was in a pretty disgruntled mood and having a dialogue with myself at how unfair life is and just then I saw Vidya’s message that her monthly #GratitudeCircle blog hop linky would be up and soon after I realised that if it is Thursday is has to be #ThankfulThursdays hosted by Amrita and Tina! And if all this thankfulness wasn’t enough, it is Thanksgiving too!:) And, I kid you not, my mood changed instantly! I deflated the dark thoughts of gloom hovering on my head for the last few days and jogged my memory to reach the beginning of November to list the things I am grateful for instead.

The human mind is selective, we think and retain only the thoughts we want to at any given time and smartly blur the ones we don’t want to. The same thing happened with me too. Just as I have been moping around thinking what a terrible month I had, all thanks to a few not so pleasant happenings, when I sat down to write this post I realized that despite it all I still have a lot to be grateful for.

For starters, I am Writing AGAIN! After 4 long years of being buried under a Writer’s block I am writing again! With November coming to a close I will be completing 2 daily writing challenges for 2 months in a row. And I am thrilled!

Not only am I thrilled to be writing, but my words are being appreciated as well. From the comments on my blogs to messages on Twitter to DM’s to Blogadda picking a post very close to my heart, for it’s weekly feature Tangy Tuesday Picks I am loving it!

I have also started a new series on my Blog called MayTivation, which is basically me writing and posting all that I say to my friends to motivate them. Since they conveniently forget all my wise words when they feel better I thought why not write it and save it for posterity and send then a link, instead of lending them my shoulder the next time they need a dose;)

This DeMonetization was a shock alright but it taught me some lessons and made me realize yet again of how blessed I am and how often we take little luxuries for granted. I take an Uber to the bank, stand in the queue and have enough money to draw out or change, I use my wi-fi to tweet or fb and grumble about the government and have freedom of speech and expression which allows me to do so. Blessings galore, I’d say!

I have some exciting things lined up for December and I am working towards transforming a few small dreams into reality, with ample help from a lot of people around me, which I am humbled and gratuitous for.

These Gratitude Diaries are a great idea, and linking mine to

#ThankfulThursdays by Amrita and Tina and Vidya’s #GratitudeCircle







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