5 Things that bring a smile to my face! #WedShadow #Week3



Everyone smiles in the same language 🙂

So here I am, happy to think of all the things that make me smile as Roms and Ruchie have given me a reason to do so and share it too, with their prompt , Write about 5 things what makes your happy and gets a smile on your face’ for their weekly prompt based linky party called #WedShadow


A stack of books waiting to be read, even as I am in the midst of reading a book
Reading is one of my life’s greatest treasures and pleasures. With a book in hand I am never alone, and queues, waiting rooms and unpunctual people are quickly forgiven because of the book I have my nose in.

Making Mithais
Now this is a tricky one. I HATE cooking BUT I love making Mithai’s, at home, from scratch. You name the Mithai and I have probably made it. From Rasmalai to Rasgullas to Besan Ladoos to Milk Cake and Kalakand, and then some more. Yes, I am a proper Halwai!:)

Watching Movies
In the theatre, on the big screen. Everything and everyone around me melts away as the theatre is enveloped in darkness and the giant screen comes alive. And I am transported to a different place, time and amongst the characters on screen. I am the annoying person who hates talking during a film and ssshhhh’s people who talk too

My chosen mode of transport is almost always walking, as putting one step in front of the other lulls me into a sense of calm. While I walk, ideas and solutions come to me, my powers of observation are at their most acute and I file away characteristics and characters while I shamelessly people watch.

I am an avid traveler and I can say I have changed a lot after my many travels. When I travel to a new place I am like a sponge, I observe and absorb everything around me. I love tasting local foods, going off the beaten path and waking up or staying awake at crazy hours to catch a sunset, or a Darshan at a Temple or whatever the speciality of that place is

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