The Writer


I see
I observe
I feel
I absorb

I write

Some of my own
Others I borrow from your life

An actor
A spectator
Sometimes a playwright
I play various roles
In this movie called life

A silent observer
An emotional voyeur
An active participant

Your emotions are my need
A thought springs from a seed

I haven’t been abused
Still I feel the pain
No spouse who cheats on me
But for you I weep rivers of rain

The good. The bad. The ugly
All shades my words portray

From the crimson of passion
To the doubts of grey

All colours on my palette
Not just Black or White

For isn’t what we call Fiction
But a fact of life.

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9 thoughts on “The Writer

  1. I specially like the word “I observe”, because I have realised in my last two years of training how important the observational skill are.
    Beautiful lines and arrangements of words 🙂

  2. Ah ha, so deep and true. Fiction is always a page from life. That’s what makes a good story. I love all the colors on your palette dear Mayuri! Keep them coming.

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