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Book Review – Fighting for Tara by Sunanda J Chatterjee


13 year old child-bride Hansa is left bereft when her 60 year old husband passes away and she is ordered to kill her new born daughter, a decision forced upon her by her husband’s brother whom she is supposed to marry in the next few hours.

Helpless and scared she sits with her 3 month old daughter, Tara, debating if she should act upon a neighbor’s advice and drown her child in a bucket of water when her daughters innocent smile tugs at her heart and Hansa swears to protect her come what may.

Never having traveled outside her village, with limited financial resources and a locket gifted to her by her husband, Hansa flees in the dark of the night with Tara and the will to make life better for them both.

From her village Dharni to big city Gurgaon, Hansa fights off hunger, fear and hardships escaping all dangers till finally she decides to pretend to be Tara’s sister, so they could both be adopted by a childless couple who take them to America. Life seems to be getting kinder with Hansa going to school like any girl her age, Tara growing up well, and Anne and Liam happy to be parents at last.

But life comes full circle when Hansa has to not only face the truth again, but reveal it to all who love her and and all she could lose, to save her daughter.

Sunanda Chatterjee is a practicing pathologist and a passionate Writer. Her clear and concise language, detailed research and observation of human traits and characters make her writing a smooth and enjoyable read.
From the first chapter onwards the story has you in its grip and you feel along with Hansa. Well etched and refreshing supporting characters like Hansa’s boyfriend Wolfgang Olaf, his father Olaf, Hansa’s nemesis, Vikram Singh and Vikram’s grandmother and Tara’s benefactor, Rani Sahiba lend much needed support to the story.

Fighting for Tara is a gripping read and I was left bereft when it ended.

I received a copy of this book from The Book Club in return for an honest review, and here it is.

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  1. This sounds like quite an interesting read. I think I’ll check it out!

  2. review brings curiosity about the book. 🙂 a must read for me

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