Makes 10 pieces
1 Litre Milk
 (The richer your milk, the creamier your Sondesh will taste. I used Cow Milk, and the Sondesh still tasted awesome)
Juice of half a lime (or more, if required)
3 Tbsps Powdered Sugar(or as per your requirement)
Essence of your choice: (Optional) 2 drops, I used Rose Essence
Finely chopped Pista, for garnishing (optional)
Heat the milk
When it starts boiling, lower the flame and add the lime juice to it
Stir till the milk starts curdling and the whey separates
Switch off the flame
Line a colander with cheesecloth, or any soft cloth, and strain the curdled milk
Let all the water drain out. This is your Chenna.
Wash the Chenna under running water, to get out the sourness of the lime
Gather the cheesecloth and tie it up lightly, suspending the Chenna so that the excess water drains out. This takes about 30-40 minutes
Remove the Chenna from the cloth, and using the heel of your hand knead until smooth.
Add the sugar and lightly knead till the sugar is incorporated completely
In a heavy bottomed pan place this dough and cook on a low flame till the dough starts leaving the sides of the pan. This takes 3-5 minutes
Spread the warm dough on a plate and when almost cool knead to a smooth dough again, adding your essence to it at this point
Shape and garnish as desired
Refrigerate till firm, and keep refrigerated
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