Mirapakai Pachadi (Large Green Chilly Chutney)

4 to 5 large Bhavnagri Chilles (the ones used for making bhajia’s /pickles) Roughly Chopped
2 Tsps chopped Coriander Leaves (Kothmir)
2 Tsps Oil
1/2 Tsp Rye
1 Tbsp Urad Dal
1 Tbsp Chana Dal
1 large piece of Tamarind (Imli)
1 regular Green Chilly
Salt to taste.
Heat oil in a non-stick/heavy bottomed pan.
Add the Rye to it. When that starts spluttering, add the Urad and Chana Dal to it.
Keep stirring till the Dal’s start changing colour. Add the slit green chilly to this and stir for 2-3 minutes more. 
Switch off the flame, scoop out the contents from the oil and set aside to cool.
In the same oil add the Chopped Bhavnagri chillies and, on a slow flame, sauté till the skin starts changing colour.
At this stage add the chopped Coriander  and Tamarind and continue sautéing.
Switch off the flame after 3-4 minutes.
In a mixie jar add all of the above ingredients, salt to taste and 1/2 a tsp of water(or as per the desired consistency) and blend well together.
A Tadka (garnishing) is optional, for which you will need to; heat 1/2 a tsp of Oil, to which you’ll add Rye, Kadipatta (Curry Leaves) and Dry Red Chillies and sauté well.

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