Apple Halwa

1 large
apple, peeled, cored and finely grated (the puree you get should be about 3/4th
of a teacup)
½ a Teacup of
1 Tbsp Ghee
1 Tsp Sugar ,
or as per taste
A fat pinch
of powdered cardamom
Almonds and Pistachios, for garnishing.
Heat Ghee in
a heavy-bottomed pan. Add the apple puree to it and cook on a medium flame,
stirring constantly, till all the moisture from the apple evaporates.
Add the sugar
and keep stirring till the sugar melts.
Now lower the
flame and slowly add the milk, stirring continuously, else the milk will
curdle. (Even if the milk curdles, don’t panic, let it continue cooking)
Continue cooking
till the milk is absorbed and the Halwa starts leaving the sides of the pan.
Switch off
flame, garnish with the dried fruit and serve hot.
P:S: The above portion
serves just 1. Double the quantity as per your requirement.

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