Making Ghee (Clarified Butter) at home


Cream (Malai) from Buffalo Milk
1 tsp Curd
2 glasses ice-cold water
Muslin Cloth or extremely fine sieve
*How to get cream: The layer of
cream which forms on the top of boiled milk is to be collected, covered and
stored in a stainless steel vessel in the refrigerator, till you have a
sufficient amount( i:e: at least 2 large tea mugs full)
Remove the cream from the refrigerator,
mix in the Curd and leave out at room temperature either overnight or for the
whole day (6-7 hours approximately)
Using a hand mixie or a madani, rapidly
churn the cream till it starts smoothening.
When smooth, add the ice cold water
and churn rapidly again.
At this stage the cream should start
separating and forming soft butter leaving behind a residue of buttermilk.  
Keep churning till you feel the
cream has separated completely.
Scoop out the butter into a vessel,
and gently rinse it 3-4 times under running water until the sour smell of
buttermilk disappears completely (if not rinsed well, the ghee will turn rancid
*Use the buttermilk to drink, or to
make Kadhi.
Heat a heavy bottomed pan on a low
flame, place the butter in it and keep stirring until the butter melts
completely. After it melts completely, the butter will start foaming, at this
stage. Stir again, raising the flame to medium.
After 5 minutes, turn the flame to
low again and let the melted butter simmer. If the level of it rises, stir once
Keeping flame at the lowest let the melted
butter continue to simmer. After a while it will stop foaming and start turning
transparent. Do not stir.
Let it turn transparent completely,
and then switch off the flame.
Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.
Take a muslin cloth/fine sieve,
place it on the mouth of the vessel (should be steel) you plan to store the ghee
in and strain the ghee through it. Store in a cool place.
*The ghee should have an off-white
*The brownish, honeycomb-like residue
which is left behind can be kneaded into the dough for Roti’s to get soft,
delicious Roti’s.

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