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We are all our Autobiographies #MayTivation

  When we talk more often than not flattering adjectives are used as self-description. ‘I believe in being kind’ or ‘I am very understanding’ or ‘I am always honest’ or ‘I don’t believe in hurting people’ or ‘I believe in being humble’ and so on and so forth. Have you ever wondered about how often… Read More We are all our Autobiographies #MayTivation


#BookReview: Just Me, the Sink & the Pot by Sudesna Ghosh

  Pamela is a teenager born to a Bengali mother and American father. Pamela is also an overweight girl. It doesn’t help that she has a ‘thin family’ with parents and a sister who are slim. Apart from being slim, Pamelas’s Mother and Sister are a tad heartless and completely clueless about the turmoil she… Read More #BookReview: Just Me, the Sink & the Pot by Sudesna Ghosh


The Wedding

Anju was fascinated by the sight of Mrs Broota popping in one scrumptious laddu after another into her garishly painted mouth in quick succession. She then proceeded to mercilessly masticate down the poor little boondis, till they all but disappeared to make way for the next laddu. “I wonder why I’ve suddenly lost my appetite”,… Read More The Wedding