Happy Diwali!


May you indulge and not gain an ounce
May Goddess Laxmi shower you with Euros and Pounds
May you look like a Pataka on Diwali night
May all that you desire be in plain sight
Wishing you abundance, health, and the attainment of dreams
All right, now step aside for here I scream;

Ⓒ Mayuri Nidigallu

P:S: This is an original poem written by me.

Please be mindful enough to ask for permission and give due credits if you use it elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!

  1. May I ask you one thing?Can you read minds?
    This is like everything a woman wishes and some more.Thank you for a very deeply thought out wish.
    WISHING the same to you.Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Diwali.

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