Meeplecon: The Board Game People

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Board Games have been around for centuries now. Mythology talks of Lord Shiva and  Parvati playing ‘Pachisi’. The Pandavas lost Draupadi over a game of ‘Chaupad Paasa’ (Dice) and the Mahabharat followed.

Like with everything else, Board Games have evolved and become part of our life over time as well. So many of us look back fondly at memories of long afternoons spent playing Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and the like. How many times has ‘Monopoly’ made us millionaires and rendered us bankrupt, on the same day?

Board Games have always been popular, and along with evolving they have taken on a new dimension. There are Board Game Conventions now. Yes, you read that right.


Meeplecon came into being when 4 friends, all gaming enthusiasts playing at each other’s houses, decided it was time they took their board games out to other tables and to more people.

“The games have players employing skills such as deductive reasoning, resource optimization, bluffing, dexterity, abstract thinking, strategic as well as tactical analysis, and improvisation to win games. But most importantly, games are fun, and they are an excellent social activity for adults, kids and parents, friends and couples to engage in together”. says Prashant Maheshwari, Partner, Meeplecon.

Meeplecon was founded six years ago and has been organizing events across Mumbai City ever since.

Mohit Goel, one of the partners, says, ‘There is a whole new exciting world of interesting and innovative board games that the Indian audience is yet to experience. Meeplecon aims at bringing this experience to Mumbaikars.’

Mumbaikars, come experience the excitement of Board Games at the

Board Game Covention by Meeplecon.

On: Sunday, 2nd December 2018

At: The Dublin Square,Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla.

Time: 11 am to 7 pm.

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What you can look forward to at the Meeplecon Convention:

With over a 100 different Games, there is something for everyone. Themes such as Word Games, Social Deduction, Role play Games, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Negotiation, to just name a few.

Get your kids along as there will be a dedicated Kid Zone featuring new and innovative games for children from the age of 5-12, which are fun to play as well as learning and development tools.

Board Games are not only the means to kill time, they encourage thinking and bonding too, says Mohit Goel of Meeplecon. Click To Tweet

 I couldn’t agree more!

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