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From Dusk to Dawn #TellTaleThursday



There was something inscrutable about the sky at dawn and dusk. It held secrets it wanted you to know. It mislead you at times too, and for a fleeting second you wondered if the deep hues signalled the arrival of dawn or ushered in dusk.

Rishabh stood back, looking up at the sky, wondering what it would make people believe today. The sky reflecting the on the still water, added to the mystique. Soft lights lit up alleys and doorways. Boats resting, after ferrying around tourists all day. The bridge stretching it’s back over the river. What a perfect picture it made.

Where were the people though?

Rishabh turned to face them. People looking at him in awe, and at yet another masterpiece his brushes and paints had created.

Like his paintings, Rishabh had allowed people to see what he wanted to show them. Stories of his linkups with various stars faded away like smoke does after a while. This mystique added to his work being priced higher and higher, as there was at least one piece of him people thought they could own.

Today Rishabh had decided he would give them something more, as he took the most away. He turned to the side and nodded slightly. A handsome young lad walked up to him and circled his waist.

‘The love of my life’ Rishabh introduced him to the now wide-eyed crowd. ‘My final painting’, he gestured behind him. Bulbs flashed and murmurs in the room reached a crescendo, as they both walked away hand in hand, towards a new dawn.

This post has been written for the #TellTaleThursday photo prompt with Anshu & Priya 

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