Good Hair with Black Hairspray

This post has been written in collaboration with Black Hair Spray. The views however are my own.


My friend is a part time actress. She loves being one and is very good at her job. When she essays a role, she gets into the character completely, transforming herself to an extent that sometimes she is unrecognisable!

When I was visiting her last week, she told me about a plum role she has been signed up for. She was doubly excited about bagging it along with her friend.

Except for the fact that the character she was supposed to portray required a look that was the complete opposite of her own. She has naturally long, silky straight hair, while her latest role required her to have a short and curly mop of hair.

We were in a quandary, wondering what she would do till her friend, who bagged the role along with her, dropped in. When we told her of our dilemma she laughed out aloud telling us we were getting worked up over nothing!

Looking at our puzzled faces, she shared the link of the Black Hair Spray website with us.


Once we logged on, we were amazed at the high quality wigs on display there. Their lace front wigs looked so real! My friend was delighted!

As we browsed through the wigs on display we realised that the Black Hairspray website had solved her issues, for the future too. As with the various styles, lengths and colours the wigs are available in, she’ll never have to fret about changing her look according to the role she enacts.


What is Black Hairspray?

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