Be that Girl Who Danced

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I was at a get together recently. A boring affair, to be honest. As the evening wore on the DJ began playing good music, a few people started making their way to the dance floor. As those handful of people danced, they would occasionally make futile attempts to pull people they knew to the dance floor.

A bunch of youngsters pulled their friend to the dance floor too. She resisted at first, going back to her chair right at the end of the room, twice. Her adamant friends didn’t give up though. They pulled her to the floor yet again. After some reluctance she shyly began moving her hands and legs, a tad awkwardly.

The DJ changed the song and going by the hoots the girl’s group let out I realised it was their favourite number. The group began dancing, mimicking all the steps the song featured in the movie it was part of. As did that girl.

Then, right before my eyes I witnessed a transformation taking place.

As the song played on she lost herself to the music and her dancing was no more awkward. Eyes closed, her limbs moved fluidly. So much so that her friends paled in comparison and slowly started edging out and began clapping, egging her on.


Unaffected by it all, she kept dancing as if in a trance. When the song ended she opened her eyes and went red in the face realising she was the centre of attention. She attempted to make her way to her seat, only to have her friends pulling her back, once again. She complied.

As she danced again something magical happened.People started making their way to the dance floor. Grandparents, people holding walking sticks, women sitting in corners under the gazes of mother in laws and husbands, sour faced people looking like they didn’t like being there.

They all danced.

Awkwardly, ungainly and joyously. They danced. Happy grins splitting their faces, shining eyes connecting each other. The atmosphere in the room had changed completely. The air was ringing with laughter and heavy with joy.

All because of that girl who danced.

I was pulled to the dance floor, and I danced too. As I looked around at the happy, shiny faces around me I realised how what I had just witnessed was so applicable to life as well;

When we are ourselves, we are our best version. Click To Tweet

We shouldn’t let our inhibitions hold us back. For all we know we are much better than the people we are intimidated by.

When we do what we enjoy, it shows.

Joy is contagious, spread it around.

You never know how many people you are touching or influencing with what you do.

You dance best when you dance to the music you know and love, just as you perform best when you do the things you know and love.

You could be a catalyst for change without even realising it.



Be that girl who danced, and got everyone else around to dance too.

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  1. A pure shot of enlightenment!
    Enjoy what we do or do what we enjoy…whatever may be the course idea is to enjoy every moment. For you only live once!

    1. True that, Anagha! Thank for reading.

  2. I almost got carried and felt like swaying myself. Yes, some people no matter how hesitant are that charismatic, a true inspiration to all of us to shun our inhibitions and put my best foot forward.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Roma.

  3. Loved reading this. That’s why it is said, “Dance like no one’s watching!”

    1. …no one is, they are all watching their phone anyway:)))

  4. Loved reading it Mayuri, was in trance myself reading this post and visualising with the fluid narration.
    A message we all should take from this read, be yourself.
    Lovely meaningful post as always.

    1. Thanks, Dipika. I have a feeling you must be a fabulous dancer:)

  5. MAyuri, I have two left feet and that actually makes me sooo conscious when I have to dance. I avoid it at most gatherings. But let me be in the confines of my home, to my favourite song, and I can dance as much as I want.. I wish I could dance like the girl outside too, forgetting everything, like as though I am in a trance.

    1. If it’s any consolation, I dance like Sunny Deol. Despite which the said girl inspired me to dance:)

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