#BookReview: Stepping Stones by Lubhna Dongre

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Review-Stepping-Stones- Lubhna-Dongre-Sirimiri

Pages: 344

Genre: Self-Help. Motivation.

Available in: Paperback and E-book Format

The Plot:

We have all been teenagers at some point in our lives. However, as you grow older the gap between you and teenagers, whether they are family, friends or acquaintances, grows too.

To an older person teenagers may seem like an eternal mystery. As adults we keep wondering what goes on in the mind of a teenager. What makes them tick, and what ticks them off?

Lubhna Dongre simplifies it for you. Her debut book aims at allowing you a peek into the mind of a teenager. As you read this book written by a teen, you realise how progressive the generation of today has become.

Lubhna talks about issues that teens and young adults think about and talk about. She discusses her thoughts that give you an insight into the evolved minds of teens today.

From ‘Potential’ to ‘Problems’ and ‘Persistence’ to ‘Peace’, Dongre covers it all, simplifying it beautifully. Peppered with motivational quotes and personal experiences, Lubhna tells a tale that is bound to connect with her peer group and adults alike.

A teenager who does not follow the crowd and could in fact lead them. Lubhna is someone who wants to make the world a better place, and through her words is encouraging others to join her.


My Thoughts:

Lubhna Dongre is the 16 year old author of this book – Stepping Stones. An eye catching cover, aptly deciphering the title makes you want to pick up the book.

Lubhna is by no means your average 16 year old though. She first started writing a book at the age of 12 but did not finish it. ‘Stepping Stones’ is her debut book, her first step towards becoming a full-fledged writer.

Lubhna’s confidence and clarity of thought is impressive. Her writing comes straight from the heart and her words shine with that sincerity. A mature and ambitious mind set for her age, her words are laced with the freshness of hope and the innocence of dreams. Not only her peers but adults too could learn a thing or two from this book that motivates and inspires. Reading this book is like talking to a friend.

What works is that Lubhna walks the talk. Along with being a good student, she is a voracious reader, and an intelligent thinker with an analytical mind set. At an age as young as hers, she knows what works for her and what doesn’t.

If the current generation is like Lubhna, the future of our country, and I daresay the world, is in good hands. Click To Tweet

What could have made this book better?

At 344 words, this is a long book to read. Better structure, crisp editing and stringent proof reading could have helped the book to be an even easier read.

***3 Stars to Stepping Stones by Lubhna Dongre


My rating chart;

*Use it as a doorstop.
**Read it if you have nothing better to do.
***You will like it if you like this particular genre.
****Must read!
*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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