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Seaside Spots near Bhubaneswar, Odisha


Odisha’s capital city is a pleasant drive away from some of the most iconic getaways on the East Coast. Many of these places are secluded and there are many surprises in store so one should always be prepared for an unplanned experience. For the best road trips, it is recommended that travellers find a car rental in Bhubaneswar. Here are the best beach destinations just a few hours’ drive away from the city.

Gopalpur Beach

Gopalpur Beach is one of the open secrets of Odisha, a place well-known amongst the locals but not as prominent on the national traveller’s radar. The beach is located around 180 kms from the state capital and some of the attractions here include remnants of an old port and lighthouse. It is a place where one can sit back and observe the local communities or indulge in some water sports activities like windsurfing, paddle boating and scuba diving.

Puri Beach

Puri is one of the most significant towns for Hindu pilgrims as it is where the famous Jagannath temple is located. Puri is also famous for its beach and the sand art showcased here is world famous. These sculptures and reliefs made from the golden sand are temporary as they get washed away every day. The Puri Beach Festival is an annual event that showcases the traditions and cultures of Odisha’s many communities. Camel rides are a popular activity on the beach. Visitors can also try out some jet-skiing and banana boat rides at newly opened water sports facilities.




Add a dash of history to the seaside escapade with a trip to Konark, home of the famous Sun Temple. Dating back to the 13th century, this World Heritage Site is shaped like a giant chariot in black granite. Apart from admiring the artisanship of this monument, visitors can also soak in the serene sight of the coastal terrain. Chandrabhaga beach is the recommended spot for those who want to experience some warm sands and crashing waves.

Chandipur Beach

Located in the Baleswar district of Odisha, Chandipur is home to a unique coastal phenomenon as well as a vibrant fishing community. When the tide is low, the sea retreats almost 5 kilometres, so this is the best time to visit the beach. It is also close to India’s missile testing range which is located off-shore on Abdul Kalam Island. When in Chandipur, foodies can tuck into a host of Bengali and Odiya delicacies. The seafood is fresh and inexpensive here.


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