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Lessons Sridevi’s Death should teach us #MayTivation

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The morning of the 25th of February saw India waking up to a rude shock.

Social Media and TV Chanel’s all across informed us that India’s renowned Superstar, the iconic Sridevi was dead. Aged 54 and seemingly in the pink of health, most people who follow Bollywood on Social Media had oohed and aahed over a bedecked, bejewelled and beautiful Sridevi at a family wedding just a day before her death.

Sridevi’s last pic on Social Media, clicked at a family wedding.

How could a person who looked so fit, healthy, happy and was relatively young die just like that, was the question on everyone’s mind and lips. Speculations did the rounds as did gossip. I haven’t stopped thinking about Sridevi, or discussing her with people who couldn’t either. In all the talk doing the rounds, there are certain things that stood out for me. Some revelations, some lessons and some wisdom. Sharing my thoughts with you.

Happiness is free:

Happiness does not come from expensive clothes, jewellery, holidays and the like. True happiness comes from being grateful for each day, smiling through it, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying doing the things you love. Everything else is a bonus, and if you are lucky enough to get those, treat them and enjoy them as transient joys.

When you choose to put your life out there, you cannot stop people from talking about it:

Whether you’re a film star, a sportsperson or even a Blogger/Instagram-mer or active on Social Media, when you start sharing your life, it becomes public property. And there is little you can do about it. Yes, you do have a choice about how much you reveal but you do not have a choice about how people will react to it or you.

Almost everyone enjoys sitting on the high horse of righteousness and pass judgement:

A person died suddenly and her death is being attributed to Karmic Justice. Why? Because, ‘she broke up a family’. Why is it that her partner, Boney Kapoor a man who was apparently happily married and a father to 2 children he walked out on, was never questioned or had fingers pointed at. And why did Karma turn a blind eye to him? How many people would follow the ‘right path’ and ‘do no wrong’ if they were assured they would never get caught.


Do not judge a book by its cover:

There are people who emulate film stars or other people. Who wish and hope that their lives could be like someone else’s. Things are very rarely what they seem. One never knows what picture will be revealed when one scratches the surface. All the ones speculating about her death, there is a lesson in there for you that you must learn well.

Don’t ape anyone

There is only one you. Be yourself and be happy being you. Exercise and eat to nourish and fuel your body. Strive to be healthier and happier instead of skinny and striking. Enjoy what you eat, own what you wear and shine brighter than the jewels that adorn you.

Live like you only have today

If there is one huge takeaway from Sridevi’s death for me, it is ‘Live in the moment and for the moment’. It isn’t a revelation, nor is it something I haven’t heard, read or thought about before. But Sridevi’s sudden, untimely and shocking death had taught me this and taught me well.


At this point all that we are sure of is that Sridevi is dead. Her two young daughters are now motherless. Her passing away has caused a dent in the lives of people who loved her. She has left behind a legacy of smiles for her fans, who will always remember her antics, her expressive eyes and childlike smile fondly.

May Sridevi’s soul rest in peace and may it find all that she thought eluded her in this lifetime.

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